Advantages of travelling Abroad – South Africa

There are many advantages of travelling Abroad, Travelling the world is a common thing for most families these days. When these travels cause people to leave their comfort zones for a period of time, they can learn a lot of things and also get to meet people that are different from themselves. One destination that may seem quite daunting to people, would be South Africa. Let’s learn more…

Language problem? What language problem? Communication is fairly easy as, while South Africa may have 11 official languages, English is widely spoken.

Beautiful and Unique culture

This is a country filled with people of diverse ethnicities, who may trace their ancestry back to Asia, Europe and/ or Africa. Known as “The Rainbow Nation“, South Africans speak various languages and have widely different cultures – all while living together as one nation. These diverse cultures are especially evident in the variety of traditional foods – spicy Bobotie and Bunny Chow from the East, biltong and milktart from the farming Europeans and soul food like mogodu or umngqusho, influenced by the various indigenous tribes. South Africa’s history dates back to the early humans and the story goes as far as the recent integration of Europeans from various cultures. Various mixed culture locations can be visited to get to learn more about the various stages of this country’s fascinating history.

Lovely Beaches

Families can spend time at popular beaches here in South Africa. The beaches on the Atlantic are known for their powder white sand and icy cold waters – perfect for surfing (even in winter), kite surfing and sunset strolls. At iconic Boulders Beach, you can even swim with the penguins in summer, while Clifton and Camps Bay beaches will appeal to the stylish. Beaches on the Indian Ocean, including Jeffreys Bay, Coffee Bay and Kosi Bay, are idyllic and tourists and locals alike can enjoy the sun and the warm waves washing back and forth to the shores.

Modern cities

Its main cities – Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town – are very advanced and have services similar to their European counterparts. Cape Town is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world – a gathering of people, food and culture. It’s one of the most visited cities in Africa.

Wildlife and game reserves

While wild animals do not roam the city streets, wildlife abounds. All the animals that you have come to know through documentaries can potentially be seen here in their natural habitat: lion, buffaloes, the shy leopard, elusive wild dogs and even hyenas, to name but a few. There are public and private wildlife and game reserves all across the county – most with spectacular scenery and great climate conditions. Among all these wildlife parks, Kruger National Park in the North stands out as the largest and most famous. Most reserves offer game drives and some even offer closer interaction with selected wild animals.

Photography landscape

With some very distinct landmarks, South Africa is said to be the world third most biodiverse country and also happens to be the only country in the world holding her own floral kingdom – as well as hosting Table Mountain, one of the 7 Modern Natural Wonders of the World. It’s a haven for people in search of beautiful scenery: there are semi-deserts, multiple mountain ranges, indigenous forests and savannahs. For tourists in South Africa, taking pictures becomes a daily routine.

Adventure filled

It is also a great destination for fun lovers. When it comes to adrenaline-packed activities, South Africa satisfies its tourists with different activities to choose from, including skydiving, hiking, mountain biking, white water rafting, paragliding, scuba diving, ziplining and shark cage diving. The climate is great – sunny and hot in summer, with mild winters. Lover of off-road travel can easily rent 4×4 vehicles and explore the country this way. South Africa is also one of the best locations in the world for whale watching as multiple species of whales migrate from the cold Antarctic water to the warmer Indian Ocean. This can be done either from a boat or from the coastal shores.

Affordability for every wallet size

South Africa is definitely a value for money destination. Regardless of your budget, you can afford a visit. From a luxurious stay in a private game resort to a low budget safari in any of the national parks, from catered and portered hikes along the coast to free hikes in the mountains, from a 5 Star suite to dormitory bed in a hostel… there is a perfect package for everyone when touring South Africa. Remember that homestays are also available and often your host would be thrilled to introduce you to the hidden gems around you.

Family Packages

South Africa is a great place for a family vacation. Hygiene is generally very good and malaria prevention medication is unnecessary in large parts of the country. Medical facilities are good and most medication is obtainable from pharmacies. The kids are never left out as there are lots of fun activities available to them, such as swimming, hiking, play parks, trampoline and water parks, as well as interesting places to visit. For all first-time visitors to the African continent, South Africa has to be the first stop! Please take a look at our English for Families to learn more.

4×4 culture

for lovers of off-road travel, they’ll love South Africa, the very famous Sani pass should only be visited with a 4×4 vehicle. Even the nature parks are best explored by 4×4 vehicles, it could be a nice feeling for those who like to travel read alone.