Announcing a brand new Course offered by Learn English ( in a Homestay)

Here at Learn English we want to make the most of your learning experience and this course is especially for people with very little or no experience of the English Language.  It is a gentle introduction to the spoken English word and takes place under the supervision of an experienced Tefl trained host family used to teaching beginners.  Focus is spent more on spoken English than written  using everyday situations to help you along.  It is incorporated into a social programme based around your location in the UK

Whilst this course is aimed at Young Learners, it is also an ideal medium for people who are learning English as a third or fourth language

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English Immersion Plus

If you are new to learning English and just want to start slowly then choose our English Immersion Plus Programme which offers you a true full immersion programme with an English family and ten hours of informal English lessons a week to go with the conversational English you will use throughout your time there.