Are you interested in taking a Business or Professional English Course?

Then read on and see why booking your Course with Learn English in a Homestay is absolutely the right thing to do.

This professional English course is specifically aimed at business personnel who aim to improve both their written and spoken English with ease and clarity.

One of the best ways to do this is by being thoroughly immersed in the world of English. This means not only speaking in English or reading in English but sleeping; living and in some cases, dreaming in English. This type of Total Immersion is extremely popular with people who need to have a good degree of understanding English in their daily life.

Our courses are designed specifically to improve your English skills and even if you only have the possibility of coming on our Language courses for as little as one week, you will be surprised at how much English you will learn.

International business is usually conducted around English. The common denominator around the Boardroom Table if you are conducting business in an international environment is usually English. The same goes for any type of communication in the world of Aviation. It is English which is understood and spoken. Nothing else.

Business English Courses are either run in small groups in a classroom environment or in a Homestay Course, on a one to one basis. These Homestay Business English Courses will be tailor made around you and your specific level of English and daily requirements. You wont be wasting time learning Holiday English or Basic English because we know you need to learn Business English.

The Business environment is harsh and demanding and having fluent English will keep you more in control in these situations. Training programmes are regularly run with like personnel so you know that your situation will be with other people who are focusing on specific professional English as well. Many English Language Schools employ early retired people from the world of Commerce; Business and Aviation who have retrained to be EFL or TEFL teachers and bring their expertise to the classroom. Their skills will be both in teaching you English and the Business World

Learn English in a Homestay have many professional English Teachers on their books. These teachers will bring their focus to English training in a specific field and before you book you will know that your teacher will be knowledgeable in your specific field of English. Improving your English is part of their Brief and once they have gauged where you need to improve and excel, you will find that your progress will be rapid and with ease. Your confidence in speaking and conducting Business in English will grow at an amazing rate and best of all is that your communication skills, whether by email; conference ; telephone or face to face will be almost second nature to you.

To study business English you should have a level of at least Intermediate. This is because time wont be spent on the basic English but it will start of at a higher level with more specific language training pertinent to your business background. Our training focus on all of our Business English Courses is very specific.

What you can expect?

After arrival and at your first lesson you will naturally be tested to ensure the lessons will be suitable for you. A brief warm up exercise and a chance to introduce yourself properly, in English of course, so that your teacher can also assess your English level in both written; reading; understanding and speaking.

Your Course syllabus will include;

  • Dealing with a complaint both on the telephone and by letter.
  • Making a complaint in a firm but respectful way
  • Reading Contracts and documents which have a legal requirement
  • Understanding compliances
  • Working on enunciation and pronunciation so that you are clear and concise when speaking in English to work colleagues and other personnel
  • Ensuring your spelling is correct
  • Explaining the nuances about the way people conduct business and discussing the way people from different countries deal with business

Aviation English

If you are enrolling on one of our Aviation English Courses, whether it is for your ICAO Level 4 Entry Exams; preparing to be a ATC or simply training to be flight deck personnel, you can be sure that our specific Business English and Aviation Trainers are fully qualified; experienced and up to date with all requirements for your chosen field

So whether you want to try our Fast Track Business English Courses over 4 days or have more time to enrol on a Two Week Homestay Professional English Course, make sure you enquire and find out more.

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