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Additional Aviation Courses

Aviation students who wish to book optional modules for either specific Aviation additional courses or ACIO Crash Courses should consider this varied & optional course. It offers students or aviation professionals a structured course for pilot training; ATC trainees; frozen ATPL preparation and includes aircraft , aviation industry Law, civil aviation authority protocol and Mass and Balance Lessons as well as Meteorology Lessons. This can be full time or fitted in with your General English Courses. Work placement within the Industry is available as are flight simulator lessons. Students wishing to finalise their private pilot licence as well as personnel wishing to go into multi crew work, obtain or upgrade to a commercial pilot licence, find a job in airport operations, train to be Cabin Crew or Navigators should contact us for details of our Modules and Courses.
After your ICAO English Lessons you can choose to take some of our Additional Courses in modular form in the afternoons. For students who wish to subscribe to our additional Aviation Courses, you can take these in the afternoon after your normal Aviation Courses.

Who is this course for?

  • Those who need ICAO Levels 5 and 6

Contact us now for further information and available locations?

How the course works

These Courses are small and personal and your experienced Aviation Tutors will work closely alongside your needs. The courses are fast paced for maximum results in the shortest of times. You will be given homework to complete as well. We want to ensure you are ready for your examinations just as soon as possible. We also want to send you to them confident and able. All of the Courses take place at or near to Shoreham Airport, with computer aided Flight Simulator programmes to help you all the way

You can select from:

  1. Ab initio flight training programme
  2. Aviation Terminology. This includes Aircraft Technical (systems, parts, procedures), SOP’s and Checklists, Schedules, Flight Time Limitations Schemes, Maintenance Procedures, MEL and Meteorology.
  3. Aviation Information. This covers Flight rules, Theory of Flight, Comms, Air Nav.
  4. Meteorology
  5. Aviation Security. Both on the ground and in the air.
  6. Aviation Engineers Pre Training Course. Theory of flight, Instruments and Components, Working Practises.
  7. Radio Telephony
  8. First Aid Certificate

The duration of these courses is varied but is always run in conjunction with your ICAO Level 4 Aviation English Courses