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Aviation English

English Operational aviation professionals are required to reach and maintain ICAO level 4 and above. Our Aviation English course aims to reach a level 4 or above in the ICAO language proficiency scale and provide entrants with the necessary English language skills in order to operate safely and effectively in an aviation environment. The course covers a range of topics associated with flying in particular and the aviation industry in general. It concentrates on the use of plain English in non-routine situations, but also supports some standard phraseology. Flight phrases covered include: Pre-flight, en-route, contact & approach and landing.

Who is this course for?

  • Those with a career in the aviation industry
  • University students unsure about their career path
  • Other operatives in the aviation industry such as ground staff, cabin crew and air traffic controllers

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How the course works

The course focuses on the six specific areas of language skill specified by ICAO: pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and interaction. We will prepare you for ICAO Level 4 by offering you evaluation during the course through a Diagnostic test, a Progress test and a final test. After your initial assessment, your Tutor will work with you to help you achieve the level of skill in all six areas specified in the ICAO level 4 profile. Please note to be eligible for this course you must have Basic level English proficiency in TOEIC, IELTS, or TOEFL for the speaking and listening components.

We can offer this course as either a Homestay around the South East Coast and London areas or at our English and Aviation training Centre, based at Shoreham Airport in the UK.

Our One to One Homestay tutors and Shoreham Airport Classroom tutors are experienced teachers and have relevant aviation industry experience.