English Immersion Plus

English Immersion Plus

Course Description

If you are new to learning English and just want to start slowly then choose our English Immersion Plus Programme which offers you a true full immersion programme with an English family and ten hours of informal English lessons a week to go with the conversational English you will use throughout your time there.
Learning English can be daunting if this is your first time approaching it. We believe that starting in an informal and fun way can ease any nerves you may have with regards to understanding the language or even pronouncing it. This specific course gives you the chance to take English lessons without any fear of competition from other people in the class as this is a truly one to one course taken at your own pace and studying the subjects and topics which interest you.

You will be surprised how much you learn in just a week in this very informal setting because even after the informal, but very personal lessons have finished, you will still be chatting with your Tutor over meals or during the social programme.

It’s just a wonderful introduction to learning the English language

Who is this course for?

  • This course has been especially designed for all students beginning to learn the English language, regardless of age.   We welcome students from 11 years to a hundred plus years
  • Those looking to experience the English cultural way of life
  • Those looking to explore the countryside and scenery while improving their English language knowledge in an informal and relaxed way.
  • A full cultural experience, alongside your English Course.

If you want a new and fun experience, then enrol on one of our English language homestays and discover the fun of learning English all over again. It’s also an ideal opportunity to:

  • Visit areas of England or Cape Town for a stimulating and meaningful short break in your host’s home and thereby experience a true English homestay
  • Refresh and improve your command of English or get you off to a great start
  • Immerse yourself in the lifestyle of your chosen country and culture by living and learning with your tutor in their home
  • Visit places in England or around The Cape of South Africa that are historic and of interest to you. Should there be specific places you wish to visit and talk about in your English lessons, this can also be arranged.

And don’t forget, lessons are all Units of 60 minutes, not 45 minutes!


And don’t forget, lessons are all Units of 60 minutes, not 45 minutes!

Immersion Plus Fees 2023 – All inclusive price

One on One1 week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks
Immersion Plus – 10 hours /week£976£1,446  N/A  N/A
One to One – 15 hours /week£1,073£1,832£2,591£3,349
One to One – 20 hours /week£1,307£2,217£3,127£4,038
One to One – 25 hours /week£1,541£2,602£3,664£4,726
With Friends Two to One (each)1 Week2 weeks3 weeks4 weeks
Immersion Plus for friends 10 hours /week£595£1,015£1,435  N/A
Two to One – 15 hours /week£711£1,213£1,714£2,101
Two to One – 20 hours /week£828£1,411£1,994£2,578
Two to One – 25 hours /week£944£1,610  N/A  N/A

Price includes;

Full Board Accommodation in carefully inspected home of a TEFL trained Teacher.

10 hours of informal learning sessions suitable for beginners of the English language

1 full day’s excursion per week & 2 informal half day excursions.


4 half day excursions
End of Course certificate
On Call 24-hour Local Co Ordinator

What you will learn

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