Online Business English

Online Business English

About the Course

The online Business English programme helps speakers achieve effective communication within today’s business sector; a sector operating in an increasingly global environment where speakers from diverse language and cultural backgrounds need to interact clearly and sensitively in order to achieve successful business outcomes. The course first conducts a Needs Analysis in order to establish individual aims and objectives. From this, a detailed, bespoke syllabus is designed to maximise the learning experience. It is important to say that the syllabus is not “set in stone” and can be adjusted at any time throughout the teaching period. Even though the exact content of every programme differs, the following broad categories form the basis of most courses: verbal and written communication, social skills and cultural competence. Material from course books and business publications is used extensively, as well as on-line video and audio clips. Reading and writing exercises are set regularly as homework tasks.    

Style of Teaching

Online Business English courses are delivered on a one-to-one or small group basis, and follow a mutually agreed syllabus in a fairly formal and well-structured style.  However, this does not mean that lessons are delivered as a series of lectures! Constant verbal interaction with your teacher and/or other members of a group is vital in order to build the confidence, assertiveness and negotiation skills which are fundamental to successful business exchanges. Many “real life” work situations are simulated, and you learn how to communicate effectively and sensitively, with constant advice and guidance from your teacher. It is during these interactions that any limitations are identified, with targeted exercises given as homework in order to strengthen areas of difficulty.  Indeed, the review and reinforcement teaching style forms an important part of the course.  

Who is this course for?

The Business English programme is suitable for students seeking to enhance future career prospects within a multi-national company, as well as professionals who regularly conduct business with native and non-native English speakers, and who wish to strengthen their communication skills and build cultural competence. With the recognition of English as the “lingua franca” of the global business world, many multinational companies are mandating English as their common corporate language.  Although the course can be tailored to suit different levels of English language competence, a minimum level of Pre-Intermediate (A2) is recommended. 

What you will learn in this course

Pricing for this Course

Prices begin at £25 per hour for one-on-one lessons. Please contact the office for additional information.

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