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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you plan your English Courses?
Prior to arrival you will be sent a placement test to complete.On your first day, your teacher will assess your level and your oral fluency. This will highlight your strengths and weaknesses. The teacher will then work with you to design a personalised study program. Your level, study needs and learning objectives will be taken into consideration when lessons are planned, ensuring effective use of your lesson time. At the end of your course you will be given a written assessment from your teacher which will include future recommendations.
Will students be able to stay at host families with a friend?
Yes, most of our host families have twin sharing rooms. Please let us know at time of booking, so this arrangement can be allocated.
Are the teachers native speakers?
Our teachers all speak in their mother tongue. This enables our language courses to be of a superior quality.
Where are the host families located?
We always try and ensure that students are located within close distance to the centres. In the busy seasons this is not always possible, in which case students will take a bus together with the other student in their house and other students in the area. Each student is given a street map, and provided with directions of how to get to and from the centre. In addition students are given a student card, with contact details of the Accommodation Officer, available 24 hours.
Are there any language courses for absolute beginners?
Yes, certainly! You can book a language course with us as an absolute beginner and after two weeks, you’ll already have reached a level with which you can make yourself understood in certain everyday situations.
Is studying English in the UK expensive?
It compares very well with many of our competitor nations, and costs often vary in different regions of the UK. All of our member centres are accredited to the same very high standard, but you’ll find that fees vary enormously. This means you can get the same excellent education for much less. In general it is cheaper to study outside London (although some London centres are very competitively priced) and living costs are often less in the North of England. It’s worth comparing several centres and their costs. Find out more about the cost of studying in the UK.
How do I find out my current English level?
Please fill in our Online English level test, this will give you an accurate idea of your current English level: Please note that our online test is by no means comprehensive and is only intended to give an indication of your level. If you decide to book a course with our school we will assess your English level by asking you to complete a more comprehensive pre-course questionnaire by email.
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