Diary of an English Course student on an Intensive English Course

When Learn English in a Homestay suggested an Intensive English Fast Track Course, they were right. It was all of those things.  Intensive.  Fast. And a superb English Course.  It was as they say “just what the doctor ordered”  -this is one of the Idioms I learned with my English teacher.

Here is a short Diary I kept of my time with my English Language Tutor doing a Homestay English Tuition Course with Learn English in a Homestay

After looking and speaking to a few Agencies,  I decided to book with learnenglish1-2-1.com  because I wanted something very specific in my English Language Programme and I wanted to be able to custom and modify it.  I really needed some Commercial and Business English and they chose a tutor for me who could do, just that.   They made me feel very confident in their choice of Tutor who was excellent at meeting my needs, over such a short length of time (just 4 days!).  In fact it is important to tell you that I had already had 2 email exchanges with my Tutor and a skype conversation before I had arrived so we didn’t waste time.    I came away very happy and my English has certainly improved.


Arrival late afternoon at the Airport.  I have booked a transfer and my teacher is there to meet me.  I recognise her because we already have done a skype lesson and this made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  I feel I know her already.  It’s a short drive down to Brighton from Gatwick Airport but we talk all the way and I know I am going to enjoy my time with Liz.

Getting to her house, I unpack and she makes an English cup of tea.  Over tea and scones, we chat about what else is needed to be worked on during my time with her.  I had previously emailed her my hopes and aspirations, so we didn’t waste any time getting started.

A quick lesson before Supper and she leaves me some homework whilst she finishes the cooking.  Her husband, David returns home and chats to me whilst Liz is finishing the dinner.  He encourages me to talk about myself and I find I am already starting to think in English.  How good is that?

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After dinner last night I was tired and excused myself.  Liz said to come down early for breakfast as she wants to start lessons at 08.30hrs SHARP!  I love that about the British.  So precise.

We take a break at lunchtime and eat quickly.  Liz says she wants to do another 3 hours after lunch    ( so I have booked 6 hours a day x 4 days that 24hours on this Fast Track English Course ) and then leave me with some homework whilst she prepares Dinner.  After that she has arranged for us all to go to the local Pub.  They have a Pub Quiz that night which she said will help me to understand English and reply promptly back.  Not sure I will manage but it all sounds fun


Again we have an 08.30hrs start.  Not sure where Liz gets her energy from but I am right behind her.  Already I can see the difference in my English and particularly my confidence in speaking.  She says she will smash my heavy accent before I go home.  I have a lot of faith in her.  After dinner she says we can have a night off.  No homework for me but she makes me watch an English film to “ test” my understanding.  I think it’s a great film but I admit to falling asleep halfway through and missing the end.

  • SUNDAY:I am hoping for a lie in and I get one.  We don’t start lessons until 09.00hrs today and its only 4 hours until lunch time.  She has asked David to cook a special English Roast dinner for us and we sit and talk until almost 3pm.  Although this isn’t a class formal English lesson, I feel I am getting all of the befit of this because we are talking and replying to each other all the time.  It’s a great feeling to be able to answer them so quickly as the days progress
  • MONDAY: Liz said I had an easy day yesterday.  I am not so sure but she makes me start lessons at 08.30hrs and tells me we will be doing some conversation tests by listening to Radio 4 and she then asks questions about what I have heard. I am now officially an expert on Wind Farms and the dangers of feeding Foxes in the Community.  Its almost time for me to leave and I admit to being very disappointed.  I have made some great inroads with my English but now I am so keen to continue, I don’t want to leave.   We have lunch together and Liz tells me about what I can do to keep improving my English.  I promise to listen to Radio 4 each morning before work, but just for 30 minutes.

Liz takes me to the Airport and we say goodbye and I take an evening plane home.  It’s been short and very sweet  ( another English Idiom I have remembered ) .   I was so pleased to have booked on an Intensive English Course because being in the Hospitality trade my hours are long and unsociable, but this 4 day Intensive English Course was exactly what I wanted.

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