Five top reasons why an English Cultural Immersion is the best way to learn English

If you are wanting to learn or improve your English, then the fastest and most productive way is a cultural immersion.  Read our top tips to find out why.

1. It’s in the mind

Yes, they say you must immerse yourself in the language if you want to learn it and speak it like a local.  So, think it.  Speak it.  Read it.  Sleep it.  That way the more you speak the English language, the more you respond to questions, ask questions, and engage in everyday dialogue the faster your results will be.  Once you are dreaming in English – you know you are there!

2. Live in an English-speaking country and understand the peculiarities of the language

It’s quite true when people say there is only so much you can learn in a classroom, far away from the language you are hoping to learn.   Textbook English is all well and good to give you a taste of the Language.  To start you off and give you the basics.  But to really understand the rules of the language and why sometimes we say it “this way” and others time “that way” you need to be there.  So, try to find time to come and visit ANY English-speaking country.  They all speak English in different ways.  It doesn’t matter.  The important thing is understanding what is being said – and why.  The best way to do this of course is to live with an English-speaking family who will include you in their daily life and you would live as part of their family.

3. Understand the culture

Once again if you can understand the culture of an English-speaking country you will begin to understand why they say, “what they do”, “when they do”.  A country’s culture is linked forever in its language and so visit an English-speaking country and learn more about its culture.  These are called Immersion Holidays and so even if you do not take formal lessons, just by living and immersing yourself in that English speaking country and living with an English family, will be just as good.

4. Speak Colloquially

Once you have mastered the basics of the English Language it is time to improve on this and learn to speak like a local.  Learn some idioms, which can be unnecessary at first but once you can put one or two idioms in your everyday conversations, you will find that not only are you more engaged with other people, but it makes speaking the English language more fun.  Take a look here to see what we mean by idioms.

5. Hearing English spoken in regional dialects improves your understanding

Yes, even though you can hear and understand perfect English in the classroom of your own country, you will not be ready for people who speak with a Scottish Accent; or a “Geordie” one.  Not everyone in England will speak what you will have come to know as the “Queens English” Take a listen to this video and see if you can guess the regional accents. 

Having realised why the best way forward to learn English is by a total Cultural English Immersion and if possible living with an English speaking family, then try booking a short programme.  Many Companies such as this one offer Cultural Immersions in English Speaking countries around the World! 

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