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If you take a Homestay Course a Tutor and Host Family are one and the same. Our host tutor will also become your host family because you live and learn in the home of your teacher. This is a real English immersion course. Your host tutor will ensure that you have a clean and comfortable room; take 3 well cooked and substantial meals with them each day and generally continue your lessons informally by spending it with them. Our Host tutors are not only chosen for their experience and qualifications but also their warmth and kindness in acting as a Host Family. We really like the way they continue to teach you after morning lessons have finished by just spending time with you and talking. They do this by including you in their daily family life at mealtimes; social occasions and evening outings.

Some of our host tutors will invite you on social and family occasions. This is a great way to interact with other English people, understand different accents and speak in a social setting more easily.

Some of our Host tutors have children who, if you are a young learner, will be your age and can spend time with them. If you are an adult, then be sure that our host tutors are chosen for their empathy to your interests and do not have young children in the family.

Our host tutors really see this an a “ calling” and take great satisfaction in seeing you improve simply by living and learning with them. They feel that the best and fastest progress is made by living with them and immersing yourself in the English culture. They want you to return home, not only more fluent in the English language, but more knowledgeable about the English culture as well

Be sure that by the time you go to bed, you will not only be thinking in English – but dreaming in it as well.

How do we select our host tutors?

Our host families are carefully vetted by our Homestay Department and we ensure that all of our new Host tutors are both experienced and qualified. This means that we look at their employment history; check their CV and see sight of their teaching qualifications and certificates. After that we always visit them in their house, as this is the location where lessons will take place. We look for a clean and welcoming home; a good place to hold the lessons and a safe residential area with good travel links. Wi fi of course, is expected.

Accepted qualifications

Our Host Tutors will have many different teaching qualifications. Some come from a background in Commerce and Business and then retrain for a new career in EFL. This means that those Tutors will have achieved a CELTA; TESOL; Cambridge or even a DELTA qualification. Other Host Tutors come from a teaching background so will have a University degree and been a main stream teacher for most of their working life. We always like to be flexible with regards qualifications because different host tutors can offer different things for each of our students.

How to become a host tutor?

If you are interested in becoming a host tutor then please contact us. We are happy to have an informal chat over the telephone and answer any queries or worries you have. After that, you will ask you to fill in our online application form and send to us photographs of your home and family as well as your teaching qualifications. Once we have assessed all documents and checked references, then we make an appointment to come and meet you. After that, if you are happy with us, then we will very happily put your Profile online with our other Homestay Tutors.

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