How to speak English well. Ten simple tips!

So you want to speak English and you want to speak it, “like a native!” Good for you. Well here are some easy tips and tricks to get you on your way.

  • Step 1 : You gotta think it; speak it; live it.  Yes that there is no easier way than to totally immerse yourself in the English language, so try to get an English Immersion Programme and you will be well on the road to improvement
  • Step 2 : Look for a native English speaker and start up a conversation with them.  Yes the British are known to be slightly stand offish but once you smile at them they will be butter in your hands.  So smile and start a conversation.  Most English speakers love to help people from abroad so find an excuse to fall into conversation with them and you will soon be on your way to speaking English more fluently in less time that you know
  • Step 3 : Learning a Language is all about practise and confidence.  Perfect spoken English can be a weird language but stick with it and you will become more fluent before you know it   Learning English, however, is all about using the solid tips you learn in the classroom and you will find it a short cut to English fluency.  There aren’t any tricks – we don’t have them but we do have some great English teachers who will give you more tips.
  • Step 4 : After you have tried speaking to any native English speaker, the next thing to do is to listen.  Listen to the radio.  The Television.  Watch a film; listen to an Audio book; listen to conversations of people on the bus or in the street.  In short  listen to anything spoken in English and you will find it will help you with your English grammar mistakes and allow you to correct them..  This way you will be learning a language naturally and it will give you perfect “ everyday English”.  Studying grammar can be hard and a little boring but listening to English people converse makes it more natural and you will find it’s a secret tip to learning English. So remember, don’t study grammar too much – get out there and use it.
  • Step 5 : Social Media is all about communicating and most of it is in English so get out there and write Blogs; write emails or just write.  In English of course.  The more you write the more perfect English you will have.  Practise makes perfect and its true.  Its not a trick but a genuine solid tip..
  • Step 6 : Get a job – if you are old enough.  Finding work in any English speaking environment is a sure fire way to improve your English fast.  You will learn how to speak English naturally and efficiently.  In fact it’s a good way to give you perfect English.
  • Step 7 : Book some private lessons.  They this may be expensive, but nothing beats a good old one to one English lesson. Just thirty minutes a day will see you improve your English.  In fact its been noted that one of the the best tricks of the trade to learning English is having private English lessons with a native English speaking teacher.  That way you get the accent and some decent English grammar
  • Step 8 : Sign up to find other people wo are also learning English.  Okay they may not be able to help you with the correct English grammar but anyone speaking English to you will help you and its another trick to help you become more confident in speaking this wonderful language
  • Step 9 : Offer to help someone with poor English .  Even though you are not a native English speaker, you will know more than you realise and using your English knowledge to teach someone else will focus you to keep practising and find more words in English to teach your student.
  • Step 10 : Try to learn 10 new words every day.  Learn how to spell them.  Learn their meaning and then use them in ten sentences.  This may seem a simple way to learn and improve your English but its another solid tip.  Learning ten new English words a day will soon increase your vocabulary and before you know it will you will speaking English fluently in no time at all.

How can we help you improve your English?

These are two of the best English Language Courses we can offer you, that will help you speaking English straightaway.

  • General English course: If you would like to improve your conversational English, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, our experienced English tutors will help you improve quickly. On our General English programmes you stay at the home of your tutor so there is plenty of opportunity to practise your English outside of your formal lessons or you can even learn the English language abroad. Our private English lessons for adults is the most popular effortless English course we can provide for you.
  • Fast Track English course: If you like to improve your English fast we can help you learn English at an advanced pace. In this course we offers 16 hours of formal English Lessons, together with unlimited conversation and Project Work. This English Language Homestay course with English lessons for adults is can improve your English. With a great English teacher home tuition results multiply. Learn more about our Fast Track English Course