Interested In An Adventurous New Career? Have you considered Teaching English Overseas in 2019?

English is one of the most sought after languages in the world. After all, it’s a modern language that has taken over business and professional industries and has become a common language that enables people from different places to communicate in an effortless fashion. Teach English overseas has now become a job in high demand.

Teaching English is especially great for people who dream of travelling and experiencing different cultures. Having this skill will take you all over the world and you’ll get to meet many exciting people.

If you’re thinking about trying something new this year, look no further than teaching English. You’ll soon realise all the opportunities available to you because you’re able to teach this language.

Why Do People Want To Learn English?

English is the professional language for several careers, and if individuals want to pursue careers in those professions they’ll need to be able to speak (and understand) English. Aviation is an example of one of those industries. Besides that, as more and more people start having international business relationships they need to have a way to communicate with each other effortlessly. In these cases a common language would be beneficial to both parties even if both individuals aren’t from native English speaking countries. They’re able to communicate with one another because they can speak English. As most people want to learn English from natives or professionals, then anyone teaching English will first of all need to be trained in how to teach English.

7 Benefits Of Teaching English Internationally

You don’t have to be a full time teacher, or intent on making teaching a career to benefit from these advantages. TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) jobs don’t have to be long term and can be explored on a short term basis.

1. Travel To Exciting Destinations:

Many TEFL teachers are travel junkies. They love to travel and want to travel, but require the necessary financial means to maintain their lifestyle while travelling. Since qualified TEFL teachers get paid while in another country, they’re essentially killing two birds with one stone, and this is by far the biggest benefit to teaching English. Besides teaching English in a foreign country they’re able to fund their travels to amazing destinations all around the world. And since the work isn’t that demanding, and the cost of living isn’t that high either, they have time to travel and experience different things. So, whether you’re thinking of teaching in the Middle East and vacationing in Costa Rica, teaching English as a foreign language is your best option to get to do both.

2. Meet Different People:

For those who want an adventure in their life, to differ from convention or to add some spice to their monotonous life, they’ll love the fact that they get to meet fascinating people. This is why this is the second greatest benefit to teaching English abroad. Something you’ll thoroughly enjoy while having your teaching experience is the ability to meet different people, people you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet before. On your job placement you’ll be teaching English to foreign language students who are as fascinating as the country they reside in.

3. Become An Inspiration To Your Students:

Teaching English as a foreign language to large classes (and in some cases small classes) you’ll also be a guide for your students. You’ll get to inspire young minds with your own passion for life. These are people who may not understand the benefits of learning English before, who may be curious about what it’s like to live (and work) in a native English country. You’ll have the ability to share your insights and knowledge of the world with your students in an inspirational manner that may lead them to foster different ambitions and goals in life. That’s one part of the teaching experience that can be so heartening and humbling in every sense.

4. Add The Experience To Your CV

You’ll have experience others won’t have that could help you with a job placement in future. When you’re on the job market you know how competitive it becomes. People only want the best candidates, and in a world full of qualified individuals, how do you differentiate yourself? Whether you plan on continuing on as a teacher, or you plan on joining another career once your days as an ESL teacher is over, you’ll have valuable life experience and professional experience that can be very valuable in the workplace as well as proving to be an asset to climbing the corporate ladder.

5. Learn About Various Cultures:

You’re going to be traveling and spending time abroad. It’s one of the many perks that come with these teaching opportunities. While you’re abroad you’ll have the chance to learn about various cultures while getting paid! Many of the hours are quite flexible so you’ll have ample time to make new friends and explore the way the locals live. Plus, you’ll be living in the area, giving you first hand experience of what is acceptable in local cultures and what isn’t. Experiences that you can share with your friends and families when you return from your journey to another country.

6. Reinvent Yourself and Increase Your Self Confidence

Living away from your family, in a new country with new possibilities is the best place to step into your own identity and start carving out a path for yourself. Even if you’re not an inherently insecure or self-conscious person, the need to make new friends and acquaintances and a network of new people will help you to see yourself in a new light. A way you wouldn’t have otherwise thought possible. You’ll be able to prove to yourself that you are capable and confident. You’ll have the chance to explore yourself without the confines of your local community, and see how you fit into the world. That’s a part of the adventure. Learning how strong, independent, unique, capable and adaptable you are.

7. Explore The Surroundings As A Local

Another thing travellers love is exploring off the beaten path, and you’ll have that opportunity when you teach English abroad. You won’t just get to go to the touristy spots, but find the really cool and intriguing local gems. It could all seem like a never ending holiday while you’re there, if you’re able to plan your adventures around your work life. After all, this is why you’re travelling, to learn about new cultures. You can only do that if you experience things as the locals would.

How Do I Go About Teaching Abroad?

Now that you know about all the exciting benefits to teaching English abroad, why not become a teacher? To do this however, you’ll need to become a TEFL certified teacher. The only way you can do this is if you attend a language school that offers TEFL certification. You could try online TEFL courses or join a teaching program. We offer the people that have studied our TEFL help getting a work visa and finding employment as a teacher. Many of our students are able to live out their dream and goals after having attended one of our programs.

How Do I Find A Good TEFL School?

To get the right kind of job opportunities you’ll need to get the right training. Yes, there is a global demand for English teachers, but even with that demand you need to attend the programme that would set you up for success. The school you decide to choose should have excellent tutors, who understand why you want to pursue teaching and are fully committed. The school should be of a High standard, as many teachers find out only after attending that the school they attended didn’t have any experience producing high standard of English training. And finally they’ll have some after support that would help you find jobs and different teaching opportunities with your new skills.

Thankfully, our school has all three. We’ve helped several aspiring English teachers reach for their dreams, succeed at what they’ve set out to accomplish and experience things they never thought they could. Our tutors are motivated, driven and accredited themselves, and enjoy preparing learners for work in the field. We’re also available to give you one-on-one lessons so that you get expert attention and are able to pass the TEFL exams with ease.

If you’re thinking about teaching English abroad, you should get in contact with us first. We’ve helped many people accomplish this, and would like to help you as well.

There’s really not a better time to go abroad and learn about new cultures and meet new people than this year. 2019 is shaping up to be an exciting year, so carry out your desire to make this year as adventurous as possible. You’ll regret not taking the plunge sooner and following your ambitions this year, if you miss this opportunity.

Join us this year and explore your dreams of experiencing diverse and captivating destinations together.