Internships with Learn English

Have you considered doing an internship on the south coast near Brighton, England.

English Language Homestays are market leaders in English Programmes for both children and adults across the Globe. You may be based at our Brighton Head Office (Shoreham by Sea ) which deals with School Groups on both Touristic Stays and English Learning Programmes or with another local employer.

What is the typical student like?

A student’s English must be at Intermediate Level or above. You must be 16 or over. You will also have to complete an application form and provide a CV and covering letter.

Maybe you are looking for a specific placement. Always ask us and if we can, we will try our best to find you the right placement. If you are already working towards a Certificate or Degree in your chosen Industry then let us know and we can try to find you a placement that is allied to this. We already have students working in Hospitality and Catering; IT and Website Design; Retail and Social Care Homes.

Overseas Intership in China

This programme is for applicants who wish to experience a “holiday of a lifetime” and have the time to dedicate from 2 to 12 months living in China, with a Chinese family.

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Finding the best programme for you

Our courses provide a good foundation in the type of language encountered in a work situation. We would also recommend these lessons if your language skills are adequate, yet you feel your confidence would benefit from additional training.

Combining improving your English with an internship programme.

What is an internship?

An internship is an opportunity offered by an employer to give practical experience in an area of business/industry or commerce. It’s good for those students who want to develop language skills, have practical experience in the workplace and want to enhance their CV. Internships are generally for undergraduates and will be for a fixed term of up to four months. The employer commits to training and development of the student during this period. Internships can be paid or unpaid.

What is a work placement?

Work placements are similar to internships but for a shorter period and will include structured learning sessions arranged by ELH. We offer courses in computing and preparing for work. English language training will be provided for all those undertaking a work placement. Our courses provide a good foundation in the type of language encountered in a work situation. We would also recommend these lessons if your language skills are adequate, yet you feel your confidence would benefit from additional training. The teachers that we employ have extensive knowledge of teaching English as a Second Language (ESOL) and can adapt the language training to suit the requirements of the various members of the group.

What is a typical placement?

There are no ‘typical’ placements! However, we can offer placements in these and other areas:

  • Accounts
  • Administration
  • Banking
  • Communications
  • Environmental Studies
  • Healthcare
  • Hotel, Catering and Hospitality
  • Information Technology and Web Design
  • Marketing
  • Tourism

Case study 1

Amelia is an undergraduate studying food technology at a French university. We placed her with an award- winning company who were developing a new range of sauces. Amelia used her skills and knowledge to assist in the creation of a new salad dressing that is now on the shelves of British supermarkets! She traveled to food fairs and factories around the UK and made many useful contacts.

Case Study 2

We are working with representatives of a major British airline to provide a number of courses and work experiences at Gatwick Airport. Our students are training as cabin crew, learning about customer service and preparing for job interviews with airlines.


Felix D
Marketing & Communication

Felix came to us from French Guyana – far away in South America. He is already a qualified teacher and deputy headmaster but whilst

working for additional qualifications he came to take an Internship with us. He studied our marketing techniques; communicated with our French Agents; spoke with school groups already here and worked on Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires. He was with us for 1 week but his programme is available from 1 week to 1 month

Aleks P
Office admin

Aleks comes from Poland and to help her gain her PGCE in teaching Adults English as a Second Language, her placement with us lasts 1 academic year.

Aleks is able to improve her English ( both written and oral) as well as help us with Marketing to Agents from Eastern Europe

Lisa F
Activity Leader

Lisa wrote; I did an Internship with English Language Homestays for 2 weeks. I got the opportunity to improve my English here with this wonderful team. I worked in the Office and helped to prepare folders and other stuff for the Summer school programme.

In the Afternoon I got the chance to accompany the group and other leaders to different fantastic activities such as Bowling, Brighton cycling or an all day excursion to London (Camden Market, The Natural History Museum). I have learned so many things and I don’t want to miss it. The people are so lovely and I enjoyed my time a lot. Thank you so much for this possibility and for this great time. Xx Lisa

Frequently asked questions

ELH will:

  • Meet you on arrival and introduce you to your host family.
  • Provide you with relevant information on your first working day after arrival.
  • Provide you with a work placement in a vocation of your choice.
  • Arrange accommodation with a caring host family.
  • Monitor you whilst you are in your work placement.

Accommodation is also arranged as part of the package. It will be arranged for you to stay with an English family. All families are known to us personally, and interviewed by ourselves and the accommodation vetted is to the highest standard. Meals will be provided. You will gain in confidence by the support and encouragement provided by your host family. Your first time away from home can be a daunting experience, especially in a country that has a different culture. Your host family will help to improve your language skills and your understanding of English culture and enhance your experience in the United Kingdom far more rapidly.

We are happy to take Interns from 1 week to 2 months and are able to offer suitable reasonably priced accommodation near to your place of work.


If you are looking for an internship we will provide a stimulating and rewarding opportunity.