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We have a superb selection of qualified and experienced English language tutors based in England, Scotland, Canada, France and South Africa.

In addition to being really well qualified and very experienced, our tutors can inform and advise students about culture and life in the area they are visiting. Many of our Tutors have experienced life “ at the sharp end” and are usually well travelled; well educated and have had careers in Management; Training; or other top level employment. When you stay with our Tutors you can be sure of a real cultural immersion! We have several native English teachers who specialise in teaching English to French speakers for example. We pride ourselves on being one of the best language schools for teaching English to French students in a French homestay. Some of our tutors are retired English teachers who now teach in their own home. We have many Spanish students learning English as well with our Homestay English teachers in Spain, please check our Testimonials for more information. If you require a private English course anywhere in the world we can help.



A range of holistic methods applied to language learning


It is the modern standard method Language Teaching


Fitting the method to the learner, not the learner to the method.


According to academic research, linguists have demonstrated that there is not one single best method that fits in all contexts, and that no one teaching method is inherently superior to any other. Our experienced professional language teacher always adopts the Principled Eclecticism approach, deciding on the most suitable techniques and applying the most appropriate methodology for that learner’s specific objectives, learning style and context. Methods of teaching English have improved greatly. As a language teacher, it’s important to understand the various methods and techniques available to you. Our Language Homestay teachers have been verified and hand selected so that they can achieve the best language training we can offer.

Suzanne – Malta
Homestay Teacher

Suzanne lives with her husband and three older children in a beautiful area of Malta, close to the Beach. Their house is in a quiet residential area but still close to all amenities and walking distance to the Town.

Suzanne is a very experienced Tutor and specialises in one to one English for new learners and also those working for First Certificates and University entrance exams. Her two older children are at University and her third child is at High School. Her husband is a Science Teacher at the local High School, so all of the family are very academic and really enjoy discussing “ life topics” with their student Guests.

John – South Africa
Homestay Teacher

John, born in London, emigrated to S.A. in 1971 and is a mature, semi-retired Financial Director/Dep. M.D./Businessman with MBA, and FCMA degrees and a TESOL teaching certificate who took up teaching English as a second language 4 years ago.

He then spent 2.5 years teaching in Moscow and currently teaches via Skype and also hosts.

Jane - Corfu
Homestay Teacher

Jane and her family have been involved in homestay with tuition for around 15 years. She is CELTA trained. The whole family moved over to Corfu, Greece around 9 years ago and have been receiving student guests every summer.

Our move here was prompted by the desire to be able to spend more time together as a family and for a slower pace of life. All of our 5 children eventually relocated here with us, but this last year has seen 3 of them move away from the island. My son, Franklin was especially accommodating when it came to entertaining and socialising with our guests, but since he left Corfu, one of my lovely local Greek students has cheerfully taken on the role, as he loves to practise his English skills. We are based in the north of the island, some 45/50 minutes drive away from the International airport in Corfu Town. Corfu is a very popular tourist destination for all nationalities, especially the British and we are part of a quite sizeable ‘ex-pat’ community. Home is a large villa that accommodated all 7 family members easily. I have two, twin bedded rooms and a double room to offer, and all are en-suite. We have a pool and table tennis for entertainment and the beach is 10 minutes walk. The sea is clean and the beach sandy. We do have family pets: cats, dogs and goats.

Maria M – France
Homestay Teacher

Maria is a 65 year old retired dancer, living in South West France. Her working life began as a Civil Servant, working for H. M. Land Registry but, having already studied all styles of dance, she decided to leave her job and follow a lifelong dream of dancing.

Her varied career took her to Theatres, Clubs, Television, Film work, a two year tour of Japan and several years on board Cruise Liners, which involved dancing, singing, acting and appearing as part of an Illusion Act, being levitated, sawn in half and many other fascinating feats of bravery! Retirement from this led her to joining the cruising industry, taking charge of the Entertainment Department on board Cruise Liners for thirteen more years, before retiring altogether from entertainment and studying to teach English and French to either children or adults. She immersed herself in this newfound career whilst still living in her English county of birth, Devon. She then moved to Spain, where she spent several happy years, before moving to France, where she has taught for the past five years. Maria’s interests include music, dance (she particularly enjoys Zumba), cooking and gardening. She also helps to raise money for several charities which are close to her heart. She shares her home with her cat but loves all creatures great and small!

Marike C - South Africa
Homestay Teacher

Marike lives with her husband and daughter in a beautiful area of South Africa – Stellenbosch. Their home overlooks endless fields of corn and each evening you can watch the sun going down from their terrace.

Marike has a B.A. degree in English Literature, French and Classical Culture and consulted in human resources, training and coaching, while Immo ( her husband) is a qualified Hydrogeologist and Business man. Marike prefers to teach students at the beginner and intermediary level and she has endless patience. If a student finds it hard to understand something, she uses lots of visual aids. They like music, cooking, reading, travelling and hiking. Emma, her daughter, enjoys playing water polo, hockey and surfing, and attends an English school close-by. Immo and Marike also speak German, Afrikaans, Dutch and some Portuguese.

Denise B – South Africa
Homestay Teacher

Denise lives on the coast, 30 minutes drive from Cape Town. It’s a small Town with a surfing beach and some great walks along the Beach or down to the Harbour to watch the fishing boats come in. . Here is what she says…..

I am a relaxed, mature single woman, who for the past 14 years has successfully guided more than 100 students through the Cambridge Education System through my facilitation centre. I believe in firm boundaries within a loving, nurturing environment, which has helped my students excel and prepare for the next phase in their education. My home is large and perfect for creating a family environment for overseas guests. We are situated a short walk from the shops, library and the beach front – you can hear the sea at high tide and wake up to the smell of ocean spray. The famous “penguin beach”, Boulders, is only a short drive away, and we are close to a number of nature reserves and hiking trails. Our home here is shared with two Mainecoon cats. They are a large, docile breed, who spend most of their day in the enclosed courtyard, or sleeping on my bed. We have a very large garden in the front of the house, perfect for outdoor games, or enjoying lunch or dinner on a picnic blanket. I have two large rooms available, with wi-fi and all the comforts you need to feel right at home.

Terry D - Italy
Homestay Teacher

N Dip. ARCH Certified TEFL/TESOL Teacher Mother tongue: English 2nd Language: Upper Intermediate Zulu 3rd Language: Intermediate Afrikaans 4th Language: Basic Italian

Roberta - Italy
Homestay Teacher

F-QBE Comp. Tech.Eng Certified TEFL/TESOL Teacher Mother tongue: English 2nd Language: Upper Intermediate Afrikaans 3rd Language: Intermediate Italian

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.

Frequently asked questions

Our teachers all speak in their mother tongue. This enables our language courses to be of a superior quality.

Yes, certainly! You can book a language course with us as an absolute beginner and after two weeks, you’ll already have reached a level with which you can make yourself understood in certain everyday situations.

Please fill in our Online English level test, this will give you an accurate idea of your current English level: Please note that our online test is  by no means comprehensive and is only intended to give an indication of your level. If you decide to book a course with our school we will assess your English level by asking you to complete a more comprehensive pre-course questionnaire by email.

It compares very well with many of our competitor nations, and costs often vary in different regions of the UK. All of our member centres are accredited to the same very high standard, but you’ll find that fees vary enormously. This means you can get the same excellent education for much less. In general it is cheaper to study outside London (although some London centres are very competitively priced) and living costs are often less in the North of England. It’s worth comparing several centres and their costs. Find out more about the cost of studying in the UK.


We provide the best value to our customers by continuously refining our processes and cost structure.


If you like to know more about our Langauge Homestay teachers, or like to learn more about our English Homestay courses or any of your questions get answered today