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    For aficionados  of English as well as  Myths, legends, dragons and of course leprechauns then you should consider coming to Ireland.  Even the rain is soft and warm.   We find Ireland an ideal choice for warm family welcomes and traditional holidays.  Be sure that you will find your Tutors offer you a typically Irish welcome which means lots of hearty meals; a pint of Guinness ( providing you are over 18 years, of course ) and their own slant on what went on over the centuries.  Many of our young learners enjoy the “home from home” offered on these English learning Programmes.

    What to see in Ireland!

    Where do we start?  If you go to Southern Ireland you have to see and visit the Ring of Kerry, have chowder on one of the many deserted beaches or visit Waterford, famous for its crystal glassware.

    Going north you would be mad to miss seeing the Giants Cuaseway or Fingal’s Cave and stop off at Dublin, visiting the Temple Bar area for traditional Irish hospitality.

    Read more https://www.ireland.com/en-gb/

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