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Learn English in Scotland on a Homestay. We offer Personalised English language courses on 1:1 or 2:1 in an informal homely environment in your host tutors’ homes.
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    Home of the Brave!   We are not sure if that relates to the weather or the people but we are sure you will enjoy learning English in Scotland.  Also remembering that their accent is something else to conquer, so perhaps that is why they call it “home of the brave!”  From hills and mountains to the regenerated cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, you will find it hard to choose where to go first.   This location is ideal for Couples on our Senior Learners Programme or if you are studying for your English Exams, then Edinburgh with our very qualified Tutors will certainly fit the Bill.

    What to see in Scotland?

    Visit Scotland and see the mesmerizing Edinburgh Castle,  the Lochs of the northern counties,  the waterways around Glasgow and the grey granite buildings around Aberdeen, looking out to the North Sea and the remaining Oil Platforms.  A beauty all of their own.

    Read more https://www.visitscotland.com

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