Learn English in Wales

Learn English in Wales on a Homestay. We offer Personalised English language courses on 1:1 or 2:1 in an informal homely environment in your host tutors’ homes.
    Welcome to Wales during the Year of Discovery

    Learn English in Wales

    We love Wales for its Celtic history, rugged seas and misty mountains.  Often shrouded in mist but still so beautiful.  If you enjoy finding out about the history of the Celts and its magic as well as hiking through the countryside, then you should be coming to Wales to find out more.  Our Tutors are all native English speakers with a huge love of the Welsh countryside.    Come to Wales and learn English in a Homestay either on a One to One Programme or even bring your family and learn English altogether and see the sights as well.

    What to see in Wales?

    Oh where do we start?   Head out to the beautiful but deserted sandy beaches, spot the seals and dolphins or try your hand at surfing.  Take the train to the top of Snowdonia and when you have done all that head down to Cardiff for a visit to one of the most interesting cities in the UK and a spot of Welsh/English history. 

    Read more at https://www.visitwales.com

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