Au Pairs

Looking for a fun and exciting way to improve your English?

Then have you considered being an Au Pair or a Demi Pair with our families in either South Africa ( Cape Town ) or throughout the United Kingdom?

Au Pairs

You can choose to be an Au Pair or a Demi Pair and here is the difference…..

An Au Pair is a foreign person or student with sufficient interest and experience in childcare to assist a host family in the UK or South Africa with their day to day activities and in exchange receives some pocket money as well as free Board and Accommodation. This position is available for up to one year.

You would travel to the country of your choice to live with a host family, to experience a new culture and to improve your English!  In exchange for board, lodging and the opportunity to attend a local language school, the Au Pair will provide childcare and domestic help. An Au Pair is given ‘pocket money’ and is usually not classed as an employee and as such, is not entitled to the standard employee benefits nor subject to the normal tax and national insurance contributions.

A Demi Au Pair is also any individual or full time student who helps the family with childcare/household duties while receiving full board accommodation. Household help required for up to 20 hours a week (approximately 4 hours a day or by arrangement). The demi-pair receives no payment in cash for the help provided to the family and instead of money he or she receives the full board and the chance to enhance her/his language skills and experience life in the UK. This is another excellent way to improve your everyday language whilst living with an English speaking family  This position is available for 3 months maximum.

Most Au-pairs & Demi-pairs have their a level of English at least Lower Intermediate.  Minimum age is 18.5 years. This position is open to both male and female candidates.

As an Au Pair or Demi-Pair you will have to provide the following

  • A full and comprehensive up to date CV
  • Two references from professional people who can vouch for your integrity
  • A recent reference, if possible, from someone you have taken care of children for
  • Up to date and valid Travel and Medical Insurance

You will be able to discuss with your chosen family a good working arrangement. They know the hours you should work and you will be able to agree this with them.  Extra hours are by mutual agreement and are not mandatory!)

We have families looking for Au Pairs along the south coast of England and Cornwall in the UK .  In South Africa you will be placed around Cape Town and Stellenbosch areas .  Both counties have Local Co Ordinators to meet you and help you with any worries you may have.

Your insurance… You will need valid travel Insurance as well as Medical Insurance. If you are from an EU country travelling to the UK this is part of the Eu Agreement but otherwise you will need to ensure you have adequate private Insurance.  We can help you with this should you require

So if you are looking to improve your English in a fun way by living with an English Speaking family in either the UK or South African then contact us.  We are able to place you at any time of the year but most enquiries are during the Summer months in both UK and South Africa as well as during the Christmas/January period in South Africa.

Costs to enrol and experience this great innovative and fun way of improving your English start at 275.00 GBP so contact us now…..