Private English Courses for Adults

1. What are Private English Lessons for Adults?

Private English lessons for adults are classes in which you are the only student of the class. This enables you to have the full attention of your English teacher. It also means that your teacher is able to plan the lessons in accord with your specific learning needs and interests. It is the most effective way to learn a language because the time, materials and activities of your lessons are entirely focused on what is best for you. However, we also offer private English lessons for couples and families who would like to study together.

2. In which location can I study?  

We offer a choice of 15 amazing locations across the world, all of which are different and unique in their own way.

Wales – Discover the wonderful Celtic culture and mountainous landscapes of this very distinct region of Britain. Wales has its own history and charm, its own language spoken in the villages and even its own parliament. 

Malaysia – In Malaysia, you see influences within its culture from China, India and other surrounding countries. It offers incredible cities of towering skyscrapers as well as beautiful beaches and rainforests.

Christchurch, New Zealand – Whether you’re taking a stroll through the Botanic gardens or enjoying a calm boat trip down the river Avon, the third most populous city in New Zealand has its own special character.

Brighton – Sometimes referred to as London-on-sea, there is always something to do in this entertaining British coastal town of parks, bars, restaurants, music venues and sloping Victorian streets. 

Ireland – A land of beauty and wonder, Ireland offers you a rich culture of Celtic music, dreamy landscapes with green mountains and towns that look like they belong in fairy tales.

South Africa – In this fascinating and diverse African nation, you’ll find a multitude of languages and cultures, big cities as well as wildlife, and exceptionally high quality food and wine.

Malta – An incredibly unique Mediterranean Island with an ancient past that can still be seen and felt in the narrow streets of the historical zones. There truly is no place like Malta.

Toulouse, France – Nicknamed the Pink City because of the colour of many of its buildings, Toulouse boasts beautiful gardens, fine French architecture, luxurious gastronomy and some of the world’s best wine.

Auckland, New Zealand – Auckland has the appearance of a clean, modern and prosperous city. It rests on the coast and is renowned for its friendly atmosphere and proximity to nature.

Corfu Island – Here you’ll find great weather, beautiful beaches and enjoyable nightlife. Corfu is a place where people like to relax in the sun by day and enjoy the vibrancy of the night.

Ottawa, Canada – Ottawa is known for having great museums, an abundance of things to see and do during the day, and being the capital city of Canada. 

Toronto, Canada – The largest city in Canada is an exciting place to be. It has constantly growing and thriving scenes of art, music and culture. Here you will never be short of activities to get involved in.

London – The biggest smoke has it all, from palaces and historical areas to a modern financial centre. Rich in cultural diversity and always lively, London will bombard you with fun and constantly surprise you.

Scotland – With enormous mountain ranges, historical towns and cities, friendly and welcoming people, and a strong sense of identity, Scotland never fails to charm its visitors.

Cornwall – An ancient and stunning part of South-Western England, famous for its regional traditions and some of the most beautiful beaches in the UK.

3. English Homestay Tutors available

Our teachers all possess the following qualities:

  • Specialists in spoken English tuition
  • Giving high quality lessons
  • Experienced in teaching English as a second language
  • Creating fun English lessons for adults
  • Being Native speakers of English

In addition, our teachers will welcome you into their homes and ensure that you are learning in a relaxed and comfortable environment, wherever you decide to stay. They will cater to your specific learning needs and create lessons that help you to improve to your best ability. Our teachers enjoy what they do and are committed to ensuring you improve you English during your stay and enjoy both your classes and your learning environment.

4. Courses we offer in Private English Lessons for Adults

We offer a vast range of courses to our prospective students, including English for Au pairs, General English, Exam English, Business English, Boarding School Exeat Holiday English Courses, English Language Course for Seniors ( 55+), Fast Track English Course, Intensive English and English for Families. The homestay experience and Private tuition elements are included in all of these courses. Simply decide which course is most suitable for you and rest assured that you will practice English extensively, improve your language skills and have a fantastic experience.