Student Testimonials

South Korea - General English

Jinyoung Lee

It is my first stay with an English family and I have enjoyed it and I have learned a lot from my English grammar course. Gill helped me understand past, present future tenses. I have spoken lots with the all of the family. This is given me more confidence with speaking English. I have enjoyed my excursions in Brighton.
General English

Theodore Myhre

My host family was excellent – just like my real family. The considered me their son and took care of me very well
Mervin Jack


I want to thank you, I spent an extremely good time with each one of you and I hope you did too. You are such a kind family and your generosity has no limit. I enjoyed every moments I had with you whether it was an outing or a simple moment like a walk with you Jim,or watching tv with you.
John P

Business English

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