“Learn English in a Homestay” offers an English Language Course for Professionals

Here at Learn English in a Homestay we pride ourselves on our various English courses, especially those for Professional or Business English.  We have focused on Fast Track English Courses which offer intensive English or General English Courses for the adult professional person.

These courses have been structured by our Academic Manager who has spent time listening to Professional personnel from overseas and worked out how to achieve the maximum results in our many Homestay Engish Courses.   These Courses are aimed at professional people who are short on time and need to make improvement on their English without affected their busy professional life.

Additionally, we have Aviation Courses for ICAO Exams; Ab Initio Courses as well as Intensive English for people who have enrolled for an Aviation Course and need to have English language training around aviation before they commence training.

A fast and intensive way to improve your English would be to enrol with a Homestay Teacher where you would Live and Learn professional English in your teacher’s house.  This way you will focus on learning the type of Professional English that you need and not waste time on English you already know.

Our Intensive English Courses are “ real winners” and can be taken from 1 week to 1 month.  Additionally, many people like our Intensive English Course which is for 4 days and can be experienced over a long weekend.  This way the effect to your daily professional life will be minimised.
A lot of our Homestay Teachers are from the world of Business and Commerce and many of them will have the necessary English skills to help you improve English in Commerce; Medicine; Law; Aviation and even help non English speakers teach English in their own country by improving their language skills ; accent and general understanding of all of the nuances of the English language.
  • Communication or communicating in English is very important and if you wish for a Communication only Course then let us know and we will place you with Homestay Teachers who are skilled solely in this.  Before you know it, it will be time to return home and you will have improved in conversation; communication and confidence.  We call this course the “ 3 C’s”
  • Before you arrive for your General English or Business English Course we will have been in contact with you to ask you specifically what you require.  Be sure this course will be tailor made for your requirements.  English language training is very important for professionals and this is why we take this very seriously.

Our Business English Tutors for Professionals regularly attend our Training Workshops and Seminars so they have the most up to date information for improving language skills for our clients.   These English Workshops are held at our English Language School in Brighton and regularly take place throughout the year.  We invite inspirational Speakers to help our Teachers stays right at the top of their English Training Programmes and offer on call support for our Teachers and our students whenever it is required.

If you prefer to attend our Business English Courses at our School in Brighton then do contact us for dates wen we run these courses.  For Aviation Courses we offer these as a 1-2-1 Course or with small groups specifically for those preparing for Ab Initio Courses and of course their very important ICAO Courses.

So be sure to contact us now and speak with one of our Business English teachers who can ensure you are placed on the right course for you.

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