The Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course is aimed at giving teachers the needed tools to deliver exceptional language programmes to International Students. The courses offered at the Brighton Language Centre has created a professional level package for tutors to not only teach but fall in love with teaching as well as being able to interact with people in different places across the world. 

Course Pre-requisites 

You do not require a degree to learn to teach English abroad; this programme requires characteristics such as eagerness, commitment and a true love for teaching. With these characteristics, you will be prepared to learn and ultimately be enthused to impart this knowledge gained. For those that may have prior teaching experience and or qualifications, the doors are open to you as well to join a class.

TEFL Course Content

The TEFL course is broken down into 16 hours of classroom time, 4 hours of teaching practice and online assessments created to facilitate a period of 6 months for English Teachers to complete the course successfully. In total 100 hours is dedicated to the overall learning process. Students are motivated to do extensive observation and co-teaching until the comfort level to teach alone is achieved. Practice is the key to mastering the learning techniques administered.

The classroom course structure focuses on areas such as introducing the tenets of TEFL and the opportunities that it offers. Learning styles and different levels are employed to equip tutors for varying age groups. The content also includes how to face student challenges, being able to create a balance with teaching approaches and techniques as well as the critical introduction of new languages to students. This comprehensive classroom content engages teachers to sharpen their skills in the areas of presenting vocabulary and managing the learning process on the whole. 

The online course facilitates the needed reinforcement for the content presented in the classroom setting. An extended archive of resources is available for continued learning and practice. Assignments are also included and are paired with self-assessment activities.  Students will always be able to use the systems provided to achieve personal learning goals.

The course prides itself on having one to one interaction with each student to maintain the highest quality experience. As a result, no class has more than 8 students at a time. This encourages a very personal approach and no one will feel left behind. 

TEFL Programme Highlights

This choice of a career can be consistently profitable for those that truly enjoy what they are pursuing. Taking care of foreign students in your home and imparting priceless experiences and knowledge is a rather exciting way of making an income. Being paid to live should be an inviting concept for many!

How many courses allow students to come back and study for FREE? If you believe you didn’t get a good handle on the material taught, you can join the next class to perfect your skills! You will be allowed to work at your own pace, the aim is to complete the lessons as best as you can.

The Brighton Language Centre aids in job search guidance for their student tutors. You will not be left on your own to decide what to do next. If your preference is for TEFL jobs in the UK or abroad it will not be an issue; internships and full-time employment can be arranged through the institution’s linkages. You are assisted with hiring, processing of salaries and acquiring visas for your new travels. 

One of the beautifies of the TEFL certification is that it does not expire. There will be no need to complete refresher courses or pay an additional sum for new material. On completion, you are free to teach and can create your own schedule.

If things are not clear with the course expectations there will always be on site assistance. You are encouraged to communicate via phone, in person or with emails. All queries are important and will improve the experience at every step of the way.

Teaching in the UK and Overseas

The Homestay Tutor Programme facilitates placement outside of the UK. This is ideal for persons that do not wish to relocate or are up for an adventure with TEFL jobs abroad. The opportunities are endless with locations spanning Scotland, Malaysia, New Zealand, France, other parts of Europe, South Africa and Canada. These wonderful locations will certainly inspire you to teach and learn a thing or two in the process.   


The TEFL course is priced at a rather affordable amount of £239. This price covers a 2-day training course along with a series of online assessments. The course offers a range of flexibility regarding your pace of learning, therefore the TEFL lesson plans can be tweaked or extended on your request. Any additional fees will be highlighted with such requests. 

The international TEFL academy certifies over 5000 graduates each year. Each TEFL class is conducted based on international standards. This is a good indication that the course is sought after and has worked for thousands.  Request a free brochure or download your free brochure here to learn how native speakers can be a part of the best TEFL Language courses.  Consider adding a TEFL UK qualification to your resume, the courses await!

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