Trying to improve your English skills on your own is possible. However, it will take you considerably longer than were you to solicit the help of another. The thing about learning English alone is that you probably wouldn’t know where to start. But lets say you do know where to start how would you go about verifying your skills and how do you know if you’re improving at all? What happens if you need to use those self taught skills in a professional setting like a job or university interview? What then? If the need arises would you have the confidence to speak English if your skills are self taught?

This is why there are professional language institutions that help people learn the language. Many people don’t enjoy learning in such a formal setting, and even if they do they don’t have the place to practice speaking or native English speakers to talk to. This is why homestays are so essential if you’re planning on learning English. On a homestay you are able to stay with a host family, you’re able to learn English in a comfortable environment and you get to go on fascinating excursions.

Why Learning English In The UK is The Best Way To Learn English

The United Kingdom is a lovely place to travel to. But as an English student being able to study here is ideal. The countries in the UK each have their own culture, cuisine and atmosphere. Each has its own history and architecture but one thing unites them all- the friendly and contagious atmosphere of the residents.

1. Historic Value and Interesting Sights

One of the many reasons students prefer learning in the UK is that there are many historic destinations with cultural significance. These destinations not only have relevance in their country but often throughout Europe and the world. It’s also fascinating to see how modern UK has merged with these historic dwellings to create a metropolis in generally old world cities. Take London for example, if you’re going to live with a family in London on your language homestay, you’ll be able to visit landmarks like the Big Ben, houses of parliament, Westminster Abbey and the lovely museums and gardens. But while you’re on your stay you can take a closer peak into the lives of the English today and how they live amongst such historically significant landmarks.

By coming to the UK to learn English one thing is for certain you won’t run out of sights to see and places to visit. You may even a need a second and third go at it to fit all these interesting places in your calendar. Thank goodness you’ll be improving your language skills while you do.

2. Ample Native Speakers

Being able to speak the language is one thing, being understood is entirely different. When you’re travelling to the UK you’ll have access to all things English. You’ll be surrounded by native speakers, all who are able to boost your confidence and who you can listen to, to gain a better understanding of articulation and pronunciation as well as common English communication, conversation and phrases. A language homestay offers other noticeable benefits as well such as access to a private English teacher, private English classes for adults and scheduled excursions to some of the UKs most famed destinations.

3. Lovely Travel Destination

The UK which includes Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland is a great travel destination and home to some of the worlds most famous cities. Cities like London, Brighton, Edinburgh and Dublin. The countryside of countries in the UK is also magnificent. When you’re participating in educational homestays like an English language homestay you’ll get to travel to some of the UKs best destinations on the excursions. But what makes the UK a particularly lovely travel destination is the different cultures, tasty cuisine and friendly people. Eating cornish pasties in Cornwall, hagis in Scotland and fish and chips in England- the array of cultures and cuisine found in one place is remarkable.

4. Great Career and Learning Opportunities

Learning in the UK is in itself quite auspicious and lends great credibility to your skills. This is a world education and learning hub. You could decide to attend university in the UK as well as any other country after having learnt English. Many major universities will require that students have a good grasp of the English language, so this is where you’ll certainly notice the benefit of having studied English in the UK. If you’re not a high school student or aren’t looking to further your studies, career opportunities also increase substantially once you have a good command of the English language. It also helps that we have a business English course catering to the needs of professionals, as well as courses to teach English for the travel and tourism industry and spoken English for hotel staff.

Learn English In The UK With A Host Family
A Comfortable Family Environment

Why Learning English With A Host Family Is The Best Way To Learn English

If you want to achieve your goals and improve your language skills you should learn English amongst native speakers. Host families provide international students with accommodation on their trip to the UK. It get’s even better though, not only will you be staying with a native English speaker you’ll have unlimited access to a home English teacher.

The ESL teachers in our programme are notoriously accommodating and friendly. They know how to teach English at home and frequently provide private English lessons for foreigners.

1. A Place To Practice English

Having a dedicated place to practice your skills is essential if you want to learn English quickly and be confident in your abilities. When you’re staying with a host family you’ll be able to practice when you’re at home as well as when you attend group classes. The greatest benefit to being with a host family is that you can practice it with people who are familiar with the language. So, you can learn from them as well. You’ll be able to hear and articulate the languages inflections properly and know how to structure a sentence in the correct manner.

Overall learning in this way will undoubtedly increase your confidence when it comes time to speak English in your daily or professional life.

2. One to One Learning

Private English lessons will improve your English much quicker. Having said that a big plus to staying with a host tutor is that you’ll have the option to learn English on a one to one UK setting. Your tutor will be a British resident, and will have the skills and ability to teach you English at whatever level you are. This means that all skill levels from beginner learners to more advanced learners, all students will still benefit greatly from a host visit to the UK. In the beginning of your stay your tutor will assess your speaking ability and then focus on your goals. This is your own private tutor who will teach English from home.

Another exceptional benefit of one to one learning is that you’ll have private English tutoring and a tutor who provides private English lessons for adults.

3. Skilled Tutors and Teachers

“A student can only be as good as their teacher.” This is a well known quote. What it means is that you can’t surpass the skills of the person who taught you. So, it’s important that as a student you have only the very best teachers and tutors at your disposal. English tutors in our hosting programme are the best of the best (not to mention friendly too). They’ll have more than a working knowledge of the principles and methods required to teach English as a second language. They’ll be engaging and be able to guide you every step of the way and will help you if you require any assistance. They’ll also be able to answer your questions about pronunciation, articulation and grammar. And will offer some fascinating conversion.

4. Comfortable Environment

The biggest reason many students decide to study and learn English in a host programme like ours, is that they’re able to learn in the best environment possible. An actual home. During your stay you’ll get host family accommodation and you’ll have your own bedroom. You’ll enjoy prepared meals and will have a companion to accompany you on excursions and day trips.

Now you’re probably thinking what about my particular situation? What if I have special circumstances and they’re unable to teach me? These questions are common. Students often feel that due to their specific needs English language homestays would not be as effective. But with a variety of courses and homestays available you’ll certainly find something for your particular needs and learning goals. If you need to learn the language quickly for example you can attend the fast track English course which is basically a fast English course. You could even choose to have a shared homestay while you’re living with a host family. But the best part of it all is that any homestay comes with English lessons at home with your tutor.

You shouldn’t be asking yourself why you should come for a homestay in the UK anymore. You should be asking yourself when can you come for a homestay in the UK. Contact our office to book your place at a course of your choosing.

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