Taking a Business English course – the Whats, Whys and Hows.

English is important, being the language of many things internationally including the world of Business, especially for international companies who use it as a universal common language.

But the specifics of language learning varies in different contexts. You will speak differently with your boss than with a close friend. The language used in a text message will differ from a formal business report.

In the business world, you have to know a more specialised English for specific purposes.

So What Exactly is Business English?

This is English used in business contexts by business professionals. It can range from international trade and relations to commerce, finance and banking. It also includes the communication skills used in the workplace and office settings for things like meetings, negotiations, presentations, report writing and emails as well as socialising and small talk with co-workers and clients.

It can also involve being able to understand marketing vocabulary and job profiles and how to give opinions in a professional environment.

Business English vocabulary needs to be clear and concise and leave nothing to interpretation. It needs to be short, direct and to the point, and avoid overly descriptive or emotional language. You say what you mean.

It is a very specialised area of English which requires specific language training if you are not familiar with it.

Why Learning Business English is Important

We live in a global society. It is so important now for everyone to understand each other to work together effectively on a global scale with international clients, partners and colleagues.

It can improve your job prospects. Many international companies, when hiring, require their employees to have high levels of English to meet the standard in business. And many more see the benefit of their current staff improving their English to be more efficient and productive in their business. Knowing Business English will help you stand out and show you as a beneficial asset.

And if you want to work abroad, and live in English speaking countries, learning Business English will open more opportunities for you.

If you are setting up your own business with customers and clients around the world, as a non-native English speaker, business English will help you in conducting your business and communicate professionally.

How our 1:1 Homestay Business English tuition is a better option than a class room

Staying in a native English-speaking country to study a Business English course or attend a language school is a great way to learn in a focused environment while also allowing you to remain immersed in the language at all times, thus increasing your learning retention.

With our international Business English course we offer 1:1 teaching with homestay accommodation provided by a host tutor. This way of teaching business English offers some clear benefits over group class lessons, providing you with more efficient and valuable results.


  • With 1:1 teaching, you get more focused and customised lessons personally suited to you.
  • Your tutor can concentrate on topics related to your industry or company, like law, finance, medicine, IT, marketing, accounting, human resources and so on.
  • Or your teacher can help with improvement in specific areas of speech or with listening skills; or if you need to improve reading and writing at a business level or with practice to get better at leading meetings or presentations.
  • A 1:1 tutor is dedicated to you for the entire lesson. In a group classroom setting, you may only get a brief opportunity to have individual time with a tutor. And the focus will be a more generalised approach not tailored to your needs.


With 1:1 homestay tutoring, you will have more time to speak and practice with the tutor. This means you are getting more attention, and the tutor can observe you closely and correct you and give feedback.

In a class setting, these same speaking practices and business English role-plays are more often with fellow classmates, and the tutor can’t observe everyone.


Staying in the UK, you will get to enjoy excursions and day trips with your host to local places of interest. You can spend the evenings conversing over dinner and perhaps indulge in a pint in an English pub.

When you are able to enjoy yourself and have time to relax while you are studying on a course, you are much more motivated and you actually learn better.

Business English Course Options

Our course is aimed at those with an upper intermediate level of English. It is designed to cater for serious learners, students taking professional exams and people who need to improve beyond general English to enhance their career prospects.

We have a range of course durations available, from 1 to 3 weeks as well as number of hours to suit your needs and budget. Our experienced business tutors are ready to help you achieve your goals in learning business English.

So take this great opportunity to study business English with us and move forward in your life and career.

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