English Language Course for Seniors is an ideal English course for more senior Learners who wish to combine learning English with other cultural experiences such as learning about their chosen English speaking country’s culture, playing Golf in new and exciting courses, having cookery lessons and learning about the food of that region or even doing some shark diving and conservation work.  The choice is amazing.

How to Teach English to Non English Older Learners

Teaching English to senior learners can be exciting, fun and very rewarding.  For a start, these people are joining the English course because they really want to learn as opposed to having to learn it for schools, work or exams.  So they come to you with huge enthusiasm, a sense of purpose and fun.  Teaching senior learners is rewarding just by itself.

Although lessons will be focused on a formal environment around a table during the mornings, learning can and will continue in the afternoons, during outings and over dinner.  Heated debates can often bring out more English than you knew you really had!

Our teachers will be very experienced in teaching English and will have the skills to improve your English based on the subjects and interests you love. If you have a specific interest in the country you are visiting, then be sure that some of your lessons and some of your excursions, also, will focus on this.  Wherever you choose to learn English, your Tutor will have all of the necessary skills and qualifications to ensure you really enjoy your time with them.

Our Tutors are all fully qualified with a recognised EFL Qualification such as a CELTA, TEFL, or even a General School Certificate.  Additionally, many have University Degrees and are professionals who have travelled the world and have a love of learning and teaching.

Which English Programmes are available for Senior Citizens and Learners over 55?

Our English Programmes for Senior Citizens or any mature student will be solely age appropriate.  So you won’t be discussing what teenagers did in class in your course books or talking about simple topics. The teacher will engage you in current affairs of the country, the origin of the English language in that country and differences between that country and yours.

You can choose to have a General English stay and nothing more, leaving your afternoons free for you to explore on your own.  Other Courses can combine a Programme featuring on the history and culture of the country.  Some programmes allow you to play Golf in the afternoons at superb courses nearby.  If you choose to learn English in South Africa, then you can be playing on superb Courses such as Hermanus Golf Club or Milnerton or the very prestigious Clovelly Golf Club out near Cape Point.

It is a fact, although not agreed on by all, that as we get older our cognitive powers decline and we are unable to learn.  However, judging by the number of Seniors enrolling on University Courses or learning a new language or taking up a new sport or hobby, this has to be disputed.  Senior Citizens are saying “their time is NOW!” and doing exactly what they want to do – and how!

One of the long-term benefits of learning, not only a new language, but learning generally is that it keeps senior citizens focused, wards off possible depression, and problem solving is one of the ways that older Learners can benefit in life generally.  Also taking older people out of their comfort zones is one of the ways to keep confidence high and not see life in general as a challenge.  Learning a language in a new country is definitely one of these ways and having a Homestay option (living and learning with your teacher in your teachers house) definitely is a more popular option than a Language School for Senior Citizens.

What Activities are available for Senior Learners over 55?

There is now a wide range of activities for Senior English Learners.

Here is a short list of what can be enjoyed when you take our Senior Learners Course;

English and Cookery.  – Cookery Lessons relating to the area you are visiting.  Taking in local menus, cultural cooking and the history behind it all

English and Art – If you are interested in sketching, water colours or just drawing your chosen area, then find out more about this.  Includes visits to local Galleries and beautiful places to paint

English and Social History – a full programme taking in many of the sites where history was made; Museums and Homes of famous people

English and Golf – after your English lessons in the morning, take off for a round of golf on carefully selected courses near to your tutor.

English and Volunteering – Afternoons will be spent around Local Townships or Schools helping them with IT, Maths, English and Sports.

Language Schools and Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens,  Third Age Learners, Older Learners, call it what you will, it’s a well known fact that the fastest growing market with people learning a new language is now in the 55+ age group.  The reasons for this are many. People are not working so hard after this age.  Their kids have grown up and left home and they have more time to do what they wish now. People feel that by learning new skills it staves off old age. It’s a very satisfying feeling. You make new friends.  You increase confidence.  The reasons for learning and also travelling are numerous.   Language Schools around the world have been quick to note this new trend and are offering English Courses for 55+ Learners everywhere.

Homestay Teaching for Senior Leaners

The more popular learning English option for 55+ students is of course learning English in the home of the teacher. This is because sometimes older people are not so confident in a classroom situation (having left school maybe forty years ago) and so living in a teacher’s house and having private lessons is a great incentive.   They can take lessons at their own specific pace and also have conversations in the evening and over dinner.   These very personal and bespoke courses are ideal for this age range

Homestay Lessons with Activities

The other additional benefit of having Homestay English Courses is that it is easier to enjoy the country with your teacher rather than having to join large more impersonal groups on city tours. It’s a great way to learn about the country during your English lessons, discuss it and then plan an excursion with your Tutor.

English Courses around the World specifically for Senior Leaners

The best place to learn English would be in an English speaking country.  Previously the first and more popular choices would be England or Ireland and then Scotland, if you can bear the rain! Then it became popular to go to America or Canada.  After that people travelled further, with longer holidays suddenly Australia and New Zealand were the hot spots.  However the new destination is now South Africa with the cost of living being very reasonable.  Being in the Southern Hemisphere it became popular for people from northern climes visiting it for some winter sunshine and then of course take into account the fabulous scenery, friendly people, chances of seeing exotic animals and the most amazing beaches and you can see why South Africa is zooming up the list of the most popular places to learn English for senior citizens.

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Homestay courses offer seniors a unique and intensive opportunity to refine their English skills.

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