We at Learn English in a homestay and our Parent Company, English Language Homestays, offer various English Homestay Tuition programmes for students of all ages, qualifications and levels. To have that ideal experience of the British culture and to quickly improve your English Language skills, consider taking a homestay English course in London. These courses are carefully designed and structured for various individuals and groups. English Language Homestays provide our highly successful summer school, short stay school groups, homestay teaching and the high school programme for English Learners of 12 – 17 year olds. Meanwhile, Learn English in a homestay offers English tuition in homestay settings on a 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 basis, or even a family basis, where you live and study with a Homestay Tutor in their home. These courses are available for students of all ages. There is a course available for most people and there are always options available to make adjustments or to personalise courses where necessary.

One-to-One Private English Lessons in London

English learning in a homestay offers students a great opportunity to not just sit in a classroom listening to a teacher, but rather to engage in English lessons while at the same time, embracing the British culture. Students actively participate every day in an exciting learning journey. The courses offer full details regarding student, tutor and course administrator expectations. The open communication provides a high-quality set of programmes and a high level of satisfaction among our students. These courses aim to give students the best of what London has to offer while learning and practising the English Language.

Learning English is considered to be a life skill and the process makes wonderful memories. English host tutors in London, open their doors to students, both adults and/or children. If you wish to improve your English these homestays will be the perfect way. Language schools are ideally located in and around London for students to experience the city and its charms. In such an environment the English Language can be best appreciated and understood. Natives are very friendly and are always willing to give assistance in whatever ways they can. They will be curious about people from different nationalities and want to learn details about their way of life.

Students often provide us with feedback that they have benefited significantly through the English home tuition programme. Learning English in English homes adds an additional factor to how much and how fast they were able to grasp things. Options are available for those that want the one to one approach to learning but may prefer to take a friend along for the learning experience. Dedicated English home tutors will be available to share their knowledge and watch students develop their English. This makes home tuition in London a remarkable course.

Living with an English Family in London

The One-to-One learning method is proven to be a great way to learn English. Couple this with a homestay with a London tutor and you can see why this programme is so popular. Students live in a single or twin room for varying periods of time and are included in the lives of the homestay families in London. London homestays provide the perfect environment for students to learn by living among native speakers. Daily routines help in this learning process and give students a better look into the lives of British families. Being able to listen to the radio or read a local newspaper with native families helps the learning process. This improves the pace of teaching English and, together with the English lessons, helps the student to learn quickly.

London homestays are structured with language programmes that focus on the students specific learning objectives but also provide the opportunity to explore all the fun and excitement that London has to offer. Hosted students look forward to full day excursions with their host tutor as a guide. Homestay English was designed for students looking to improve their English in the most effective and efficient way possible. All students will learn in places with people that love teaching and have the passion to take care of others. These courses have well experienced and capable tutors to deliver good programmes as well as seeing to the well being of students in their care.

Our Affordable English courses

Please note that the English tuition provided can cover varying levels of English for foreign students. Our Language school is very diverse with all nationalities welcome. This programme provides the necessary motivation for students of all levels and backgrounds. Our English tutors will dedicate their efforts to making your Language dreams a reality. They are ready and willing to answer your questions and general queries about the best ways to learn. Both our tutors and our office staff will provide full details of all the information needed to initiate these life changing courses.

Being able to see London in this way doubles as a vacation and a real-life learning experience. You will meet new people, create lasting relationships and embrace new cultures. Such events will certainly leave students with many memories to cherish and share. You are invited to become a part of the homestay English family, right here in London!

Learn English in a homestay offers Homestay Programs for Adults and youths, with an English home teacher. We can help you live abroad with a host family, while learning English and enjoying what London has to offer.

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