Being a teacher means you get to enrich the minds of your students with the knowledge you have. Ensuring you have a full understanding on the subject matter you’re teaching is paramount to being a great teacher. So to provide your learners with the best possible education, you should always strive to maintain and improve your current skills set. Knowing where to begin is the easiest way forward.

Join One of Our Exciting Courses

As an English teaching institution we’ve created courses especially for teachers like you to partake in in order for you to become the very best. Our courses are tailored to your individual needs and include interactive lessons as well as online material. This means you’re not going to be given the traditional rhetoric, or receive little attention. Instead we pride ourselves on making our courses as unique as the students we teach. We offer all our students quality material, and real life interactions making our courses more thorough and advanced than similar institutions.

For Experienced Teachers:

If you’re an experienced teacher and have a good command of the language or are even a native English speaker, then the TEFL is a great way to broaden your skill set and make yourself a desirable teacher to local and international schools.
The TEFL course is a 2 day intensive course that prepares you to teach English to foreign students and to those who speak English as a second language.

The great thing about our accredited TEFL course is that those who participate in it will get actionable insights and methods to take with them into the classroom. They’ll learn how to teach English as a foreign language and become part of a group of illustrious and sought after professionals, who teach English abroad.

Another amazing benefit of our TEFL courses is that we take the time to help our graduates make those next steps in their careers, with practical and straight forward advice and assistance. Including linking graduates with institutions abroad and helping them with visa and other necessary applications.

For Fledging and Aspiring Teachers

If you’re thinking of becoming an English teacher, whether in the UK or abroad, perhaps even in your native country. We have a wide range of courses that an aspiring teacher can take to make those next steps in their careers and educational journey easier.

You could try one of our other courses that focus on making you proficient in the English language. These include our Fast Track English Course, Intensive English Course and other courses that combine a homestay with an accredited tutor and interactive and practical lessons.

Making A Trip of It

While you’re partaking in our courses you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the English culture and lifestyle. During your homestay with an qualified tutor you’ll be able to go on excursions and participate in day to day English activities. Also having the ability to improve your skills over breakfast, lunch and dinner with a native English speaker. These activities will allow you to craft and create lessons for your students that are colourful and give them an opportunity to experience English culture albeit second hand- through your lively and entertaining lessons.

To Refresh, All Our Courses Are:

Tailored: We create and structure our courses based on your needs and goals. As well as on your level of understanding. This means none of our students are left behind and can redo the courses again if they feel they didn’t understand all the information the first time around.

Practical: Our courses are a great way to prepare you for teaching in a classroom. We offer practical lessons that will allow you to structure your own lessons in an informative and engaging manner.

Interactive: Communicate and interact with your course tutor regularly to go over the material and lessons. Ask them questions to ensure you have a full understanding of the course and the material being taught.

In-depth: Immerse yourself in learning the skills required to become a fully fledged and certified English teacher. Our courses don’t just skim over the basics but allow participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to teach their own students. And how to develop their existing skills.

Don’t hesitate to take those next steps in your teaching career, it will be liberating, exciting and an uplifting experience that could see you teach children and even adults from all walks of life. Ensuring you have a teaching experience that will truly be unforgettable.

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