One to One homestays are not only for high school students, college students and young people; adults are warmly welcomed on our homestay programme. Learn English in a Homestay has many suitable host families providing student accommodationin different cities and regions of the UK.

English Language Homestays has some families that would happily provide homestay accommodation for grandparent and grandchild, father and son or any combination of adults and children also husband and wife together staying as part of the family and living with a family abroad.

Families also provide an insight into how other families live and how a home stay with a local host family could be very different to living in Spanish families.

Some homestay tutors have large farms that provide a very different home stay for adults the like to live in the countryside, others live near the sea and like to surf and sail this gives adults the perfect opportunity to try their skills at surfing as well as learning technical jargon in English.

Other adults want to specialise in Business or Aviation English and Homestay English have tutors that can provide lessons in these subjects whilst living with a host family. Adult students find that living in a host family environment encourages them to talk in English all the time even when they are not studying.

  • Sometimes the whole family may come to live with a homestay tutor and their family and in this way the children study too. This can be either on a one to one basis or the whole family as a group.
  • Living with a host family abroad at first can be a big culture shock for live in students as they have to speak English all the time and will be surrounded by the homestay tutors friends and family in their host country.

ELH spends a lot of time looking for suitable host families for the home based ESL courses and suitable host family accommodation for hosting language students. This makes hosting Language student’s fun and makes the students enjoy the rest of the time that they spend in the UK.

Hosting language students’ help students make the most of their free time, while they stay with the family abroad they can visit the sights and learn about the culture. Being adults means that although they stay with a family in host family accommodation they still have the freedom to move around the country whilst living with a family abroad. This arrangement wouldn’t suit everyone but hosting language students can be very satisfying for the host family.

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