Once upon a time I was travelling from Hong Kong to England when I fell into conversation with a very interesting Chinese lady.  She was started to ask me something in English and even though she was older, her English was almost fluent.

I know that learning English for the “ Third Age” or English Plus has become very popular with both the older generation from Europe or Asia.  Travel has been a great way to broaden the mind and as most countries can speak some English, it is natural that learning English would be many people’s first choice.

Older students, well mature students, often don’t like the idea of learning English in a Language School and this is where the option to Learn English in a Homestay, or Homestay Tuition has become very popular.    The concept is very simple and ideal for people who want to learn quickly or who are short of time.   You chose a Tutor in either the location of your choice or one with similar interest to yours; you book a time to stay there; you choose how long you want to stay there and finally you choose how many hours of English lessons in the teacher’s house a week, you want.

I think its fair to say that most people like to have 15 hours of formal English lessons a week.  This means that for about 3 hours a day, you will sit with your own private English teacher and have lessons specifically formulated around your needs and requirements.  How good is that?
Many adult students will want to learn for Business and in this regard, the teacher that has been chosen for you will be able to offer Business English, either on a Fast Track Course or combined with say Golf or Tennis in the afternoons.  Business with Pleasure!
  • Its  great way to improve your English, even on a fast Track English Course.  A lot of the teachers chosen do this as a new career themselves.  Many will have worked in Commerce or Professional field or even been teachers in the main stream English education system.  This means that they already have an amazing grasp of English and can ensure that after the initial English Test on Day One that they get right into the English training for you and by the end of your Programme, you will notice a huge improvement in all aspects of the English Language.
  • Parents who are worried about their child’s English results in school, often choose this type of Programme just before their Exam.  In fact some teenage students would come to the UK to Learn English before an important exam such as FCE; TOEIC: IELTS and so on. By taking a crammer course in English it gives the teenage student a huge advantage when they go to sit these important exams.
  • All of these Homestay Tutors have recognised TEFL/EFL qualifications such as a CELTA or TOEFLand this means that they have been trained to the highest standard to help all ages of student learn English.   Add to this the fact that after lessons, you are still spending time with your teacher in an Immersion type programme by eating your meals with them; going out with them and generally just conversing with them .  It’s a very natural and organic way to learn English.
  • Private English lessons, especially for Japanese students have always been popular.  Although they do cost more you know that you are getting value for money with these lessons.  An English Language Homestay Course is popular with people of all ages.

Naturally the best time to visit the UK to learn English will be in the summer months when there is a better chance of good weather.  However, if you can only come in the winter months and like to chase the sun, then do consider a Homestay English Programme in South Africa.

In South Africa we have some wonderful English teachers who offer Homestay tuition in homes around The Cape.  All of these teachers have been inspected and offer wonderful homestays.  They love their country and really enjoy these English Immersion Courses where they can show their students the countryside as well as help them improve their English .  Fast Track Courses are not so popular in South Africa because when people go there to learn English, they want to stay for 3 or 4 weeks and enjoy the Programme and the countryside.

Finally, we have mentioned briefly about the Fast Track English Courses and if you are really short of time then do consider this way of learning English.  Even coming to an English speaking country on this type of programme for 4 or 5 days will help you make rapid progress without realising it.  Its true to say that on all Immersion Courses, by simply living the language; thinking it; sleeping it and of course speaking it, you will soon be on your way to a higher level of English understanding.

Tutors on these type of courses have been chosen for their quality of English lessons; superior accommodation on offer to students of all ages and that they are located in beautiful places of the UK.  Many of the Tutors will live in places of outstanding natural beauty in the UK such as Cornwall; Lake District; New Forest or simply by the coast in cosmopolitan cities such as Brighton or Bournemouth. For those students who wish to learn English in Scotland, then you wont be disappointed, as not only is Edinburgh a fun and culturally diverse place to visit, but you will have to get used to a different English accent and that, as they say, is half the battle.

Wherever you decide to stay with your Homestay English Package, you will return home knowing that your confidence has improved and that you are well on the way to become “ a native”.

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