English Language programmes are conducted in varying ways based on the preference of the students. But a rather inclusive and interesting way of learning is with those you spend beloved and quality time with; your family. The English for families programme is based on the concept of spending a scheduled holiday period, living with a tutor and being immersed in the English course. In embracing a variety of English cultures brings a level of diversity that provides the best way to learn as well. The tutors will be equipped to facilitate Family English, General English, Business English and English for Young Learners. Based on the mentioned options, parents have the option of tailoring their learning for business or professional purposes or just generally getting proficient in speaking English. For the children, at varying levels, special attention is paid to the pace of their learning and what may best suit each child. Whatever combination of factors, may they be related to age range or personal preferences, these are certainly included to enhance the experience.  

It is always ideal to study English in environments tailored to specific people and their needs. In the case of families, that already spend their time together and best know how to coexist, makes it a perfect group to learn the language together. Spending time as a family and experiencing a new way of life and mode of communication inevitably brings an added dimension to the relationship. Family members will have the opportunity to help each other through the process and make additional lasting memories. It must be pointed out that children won’t feel the immense pressures of homesickness as some would if separated from familiar faces and places with other types of homestays. Similarly, parents won’t need to worry about how they are doing and where they might be, when they participate in this course.

One of the highlights of this homestay English course is being able to stay with an English family; live, eat and play with these welcoming families throughout the course. There will be accompaniment for excursions and discoveries which is really great where enriching the learning process is concerned. This type of immersion gives a different perspective to learning and within a relatively short period of time. A simultaneous occurrence of English study and family fun becomes apparent. In the midst of a vacation, there is language learning and applying it in the most applicable cases possible to promote an even faster pace of learning.  In addition, children can be enrolled in summer camps as well to interact with other children from varying nationalities.

There is no need to worry for those that opt for a beginner’s course. Learning to speak English as a family and to a greater extent for those with no prior knowledge of the language, that will not be a problem. This setting is very accommodative of applying concepts just for you. Parents or guardians are welcomed to include children as young as 4 years old. No hesitation is necessary, you will be well taken care of and in extension without the need to feel out of place.  

Some of the stunning locations the English for Families programme operates in are listed below; these breathtaking countries and exciting cities will simply blow you away; families will have the vacations they possibly only dreamt of. 

  • England – exposure to multiple locations including Brighton a rather popular destination for tourists; Eastbourne, the best way to see the south coast; Edinburgh, the rich historical and vibrant city. These are just a few of the locations to soak in the British culture.
  • Corfu – the programme welcomes families into a magnificent home equipped with a wonderful swimming pool.
  • Malta – be prepared to experience breathtaking sunsets and welcomed sun kissed days for some quality outdoor activities.
  • South Africa – a diverse set of places inclusive of vibrant life, historical settlements and lovely beaches awaits; Durban, Cape Town, and Stellenbosch.
  • Italy – escape in this beautiful city of landscapes infused in history and mesmerizing art forms; Tuscany.
  • France – Bordeaux will welcome you with love and heritage. Parents feel free to enjoy the city that gave birth to the flourishing Bordeaux wine.
  • Canada – Montreal gives the sun and snow effect, enjoy learning English in the best of both worlds.

This programme has the ability to change lives through the tutors, their teaching techniques, genuine love for what they do with families and that zeal to watch the language being embraced and practiced. These courses were created from a place of love for communication and being able to share that with others. Families get a marvellous opportunity to entwine language learning with the joys of life; memorable times, family bonding and of course exploring new places, people and cultures. 

The objective is met when families complete their language courses with nothing but really great memories!

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