The quickest and fastest way to Learn English is by “Living the English Language”.  This means that you will have an English cultural immersion by living and learning the English language with a native English language teacher. The majority of our students all say that they have made more progress by taking a one or two week English course with us, than by having a whole year of lessons in their own country.

So isn’t it worth taking one or two weeks away to really break through that barrier and see a huge improvement in your English, either in the written; spoken or reading levels?

Why is this?  The answer is quite simple.  When you visit the English country of your choice, you don’t get a chance to speak anything other than English, which means you are already immersed in the language of your choice and soon you will be thinking and breathing it, with ease.

Living and Learning English is the quickest way to learn English

Arriving in any English speaking country you will immediately work out how much English you know and how much you need to learn.  Some people do this on a Language Exchange Programme whilst others just book to attend a local English Language School in the area. Those who really want an Intensive English Programme will book one of our Homestay Tuition Courses, living and learning English with our teachers.  Learning and Speaking English everyday is the only way to really improve your English in a short time.  Don’t worry – all of our teachers are native English speakers.

Finding an English Course can be difficult so take a look at the Courses we offer.  You will find them varied but all relating to English studies and all are offered in an English speaking countries, such as England; Canada; South Africa; Malta; New Zealand and Ireland.  Such a choice…

You will certainly improve your English in a matter of days and will soon be thinking in English as well as speaking and writing in English.  If you really want to improve your English, fast, then try our Intensive English Programmes/fast track English course, Courses which can be taken at any time throughout the year in the home of one of our English Language Teachers.  Some of these Courses can be taken over 4 days, or a long weekend, and this is why we call this our Rapid English Course. Living English in Homestay can offer you the best Language Homestay Experience

  • FOR STUDENTS WHO WISH TO STUDY for exam English such as Exam English IELTS; FCE or TOEIC then we will place you with one of our specially trained English Teachers who will ensure you work towards your Exam.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA plays a large part now in Learning English and much of it is in English so we will spend part of your Programme looking at all kinds of communication skills on social media such as Facebook. Instagram and Twitter to explain about the everyday English phrases and nuances and help you to write good everyday English so no one will know, that English is not your first language!  Should you just wish to be able to write a good professional English letter via email, then we can help with that as well.
  • LEARNING A LANGUAGE IS HELPFUL FOR STUDIES; pleasure and work and you can be sure that we have a programme which suits all of these.   If its definitely for work then we will place you on our Business English Course and work on all mediums of communication in the business world.  For individuals and couples who wish to speak English when travelling for pleasure, then you can take our English Language Course for Seniors ( 55+), where we cover everyday English and see lots of stunning places around your chosen location.  If you choose to visit Cape Town, then you will visit Table Mountain or the vineyards of Stellenbosch or the rugged Cape Point. Go to Edinburgh and your teacher will ensure that you have an English Lesson covering the history of Edinburgh Castle and the relationship between the Scottish and English people.    Choose Malta and after lessons you can spend time at the beach.
  • SO TAKE TIME TO CHOOSE YOUR LOCATION from the many countries we offer and feel confident that Living and Learning English is definitely the fastest way to Learn English.

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