If you are interested in Tourism, then you will know that you just have to speak English! There is simply “No getting away from the matter..” you will have to learn English and be able to speak it at an acceptable level for people from all around the world to understand.

The Tourism Industry is a huge multi billion ( that’s right, BILLION) dollar Industry and stretches around the world and is active every week or the year.   Everyone who is connected with the Tourist Industry will have to learn English and be able to speak it in an informative and concise way.

Hotel Staff need to be able to smile and greet their guests pleasantly, but after that they may be asked a question and so they should be able to understand and reply in English.  For people who wish to work in Hospitality; Hotel and Catering and any front facing customer travel business then you should consider attending one of our “English for Tourism” Courses, or even our “English in the Workplace!”  People who travel for Business often find our Business English Language Course beneficial to help them communicate in English with people in Commerce.

If you need your English to be absolutely correct because you work in Aviation related professionals, then do consider taking one of our Aviation English Courses. These can help you achieve an ICAO Level 5 or 6 as well as more specific Tourism and Travel Industry related jobs.  English Speaking for Airline Staff is one of our more popular programmes for Trainee Pilots; ATC or Cabin Crew before embarking on their new careers.
We consider one of the fasted ways to learn English relating to the Tourism Industry is to have English Lessons for Adults in a Homestay in England.  Homestay English Courses can be structured specially to the Tourism Industry and can deal with Marketing; Complaints; Programme Management; Staff Issues; and so much more.   Usually your Tutor will have gained specific knowledge and will have worked in your chosen Industry as well as is aware of the correct usage of the English language; know how and when to use it and will be great at constructing letters of complaint; apologies and much more.  They will know exactly what you need and how to teach this to you.
HOSPITALITY STAFF : should feel confident when speaking to Guests and customers and for this we arrange some Work Experience in England in their chosen field. After lessons in the class, we would ensure you participate in some Work Experience in local Hotels; Restaurants and Tourist Offices. There is no better way to learn the language other than a true English Immersion Course.

Our English for Tourism Courses are ADULTS ONLY and you will be learning in a classroom with other people from your chosen Industry. Homestay for Adult Programmes can be taken by living with your TEFL Qualified Homestay Tutor and they will be able to welcome you individual or with other people up to 4 in the Group.  This is an intensive English Learning Programme and you will make the most progress here, in the same amount of time as a Business English Group Class.

Fast Track English Courses are always available for personnel in the Hospitality; Tourism and Catering Industries because we know time is short, so to help you we have worked on Fast Track English Courses from 4 days to 3 weeks.  All aimed specifically at the Tourism Market for English Speakers. Our highly trained professional English tutors can provide you courses that suited to English for the travel and tourism industry. Our homestay English UK teachers listed here.

So for any English Lessons for Adults based around the Tourism Industry including Hospitality and Hotel Management then do contact us. Specialised Aviation English Courses are available throughout the year on demand.

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