Imagine waking up and walking right down stairs to start your English lessons while you eat breakfast with your host family. Your classroom could be less than a minute walk from your bedroom! When you learn English in a homestay accommodation, this could be your reality. 

This type of educational environment fosters and easy and fun style of learning. Learning English becomes an exciting and life changing experience when you choose to do it in a homestay with a private tutor. Why do students learn English effortlessly in a homestay accommodation?

Immersive Programme

Because students are living where they learn, they are constantly hearing and speaking English. They take a more formal English course with their tutor but also get to sit down for breakfast and dinner to have conversations with the family. Home life becomes effortless English class. Students get the opportunity to speak English with their homestay families during an outing to the market, while planning a trip to the park, while they prepare lunch, and when they go see the doctor. Students get practical English language courses in real life situations. This allows them to naturally learn powerful English speaking skills.

This immersive approach to English language learning provides a quicker way to learn English compared to traditional classroom learning. It allows you to dive deep into the new language within every feature of your life. Your home is your classroom which gives plenty of opportunities to ask questions and learn through natural conversation. Your English teacher will almost always be on hand to answer questions and help guide you through your educational journey.

Experienced Host Families

Every day students get the opportunity to build authentic relationships with the people they live with. Tutors become family which builds trust and open communication. The tutors and their families are carefully selected for each student to fit their unique needs. Every student will be paired with a tutor and family that meets their specific learning situation. The tutors have become accustomed to having international students in their home. They are well equipped to make students feel welcome and to foster learning. When a student becomes part of the family, the teacher can simply build effortless English lessons into everyday life.

Tutors in this programme are language teaching experts. They have trained and worked to master their teaching skills for the homestay environment. While they are still learning and improving each day, the tutors have become major contributors to the success of their students in the programme.

Catered Lesson Plans

When teachers are focused on one or two students, they are able to build custom lesson plans for them. This method of teaching allows students to learn a foreign language quickly and easily. When students learn in a classroom or language centre, they are often with several other students. The teacher is forced to teach at a level that everyone can keep up with. This broad and general approach to learning can be slower and more difficult for some students. When you are tutored privately, the learning goes at the speed needed by the student. The style of learning can also be catered to specific needs. Each student is unique in their language level, ability, and learning speed. The homestay option is a much better choice for those who want to learn English quickly with custom lesson plans.

Private tutors are also able to work directly with students to set realistic goals and milestones. Throughout the learning process, tutors can also track progress and adjust goals for the evolving students. When there is someone who is always by your side keeping you on track, there is a higher chance for success. Every time a student excels or falls behind schedule, the tutor is right there to give more challenges or get students back up to speed.

Having a private English teacher also keeps students accountable for their work and for the time they spend practicing English. Homestay English tutors will be present much of the time and will make sure that students get the most out of their travel experience.

Authentic Relationships

When students get to know their tutor outside of a classroom setting, it makes learning more fun and requires less effort. When students have friends to talk to, they are more motivated to have conversations and practice their English. Not only does the student have the tutor to become friends with, but also their family. Students can use their new found family as a resource as they navigate a new language and a new city. Many students build life-long friendships with their tutors and their tutors’ families. A lot of students stay in touch with the families long after they have left the homestay.

If you are interested in learning English in a homestay, please contact our director, Jackie at If you have more questions about the programmes we offer, visit the FAQ section of our website.

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