Okay, so you have decided to take an English Language Course and stay in the beautiful South Downs, in a Homestay Brighton, right on the southernmost tip of the UK. It’s a great location because not only do you have the beauty of the Downs and all of the wonderful country walks, but you have the added attraction of being on the South Coast and very close to Brighton.

Being in this idyllic south coast location is very popular with mature students who wish to learn English in a homestay and using the very intensive Homestay option of living with an English teacher, it’s a great way for people short on time. In fact these type of fast English courses are ideal for professionals who need to improve their working English for business and not waste time on anything else. So your Tutor will have the experience to offer you lessons for serious Adults and Business people, rather than English for beginners or children.

Homestay Teachers are great for using your limited time here in the UK to learn English and teach you more about the English culture. Yes, we do have some! ? Choosing Brighton as your location means that you can learn about Regency England and visit the Royal Pavilion, the home of King George and his many racy exploits. Choosing a Homestay Course means that your English teacher is also your host family, so after lessons are finished, they will spend time with you speaking and conversing about “ all things English!”

Don’t think that because you are having English lessons at home, that it will be anything less than professional because it won’t. Lessons will be given in the morning and can operate from 2 to 5 hours. So it’s pretty intensive English. In fact it has been proven that Homestay English teaching or private English lessons in a Homestay environment is one of the more satisfying courses than foreign students, of all ages, can attend.

Students can also choose to have “ THEMED ENGLISH PROGRAMME” whereby their English Lessons will be based on specific subjects such as World War II; Culture in England; English Art Appreciation or even English Cookery. This is just a small selection of the courses offered on the Language Homestay Courses. Of course, you may prefer just to have general English and that is fine as well.

Teaching English to foreign students is specifically what your Homestay Tutor does and whether you ask for a Fast Track English Course; General English or Professional Business English, you can be sure that your chosen Language Provider will choose the very best English Tutor for you. Add to this some exciting and interesting excursions or activities and you will find that your English lessons actually progress without your knowledge in the afternoons when out and about visiting local south coast attractions such as Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters; Hever Castle; historic Lewes or Ditching; historic Hastings. The list is endless.

Such is the popularity of these courses that many people return each year. Sometimes to the same location and English teacher but often to a new location. Don’t only try the South Coast but consider Wales; Edinburgh or even Manchester. You will certainly be spoilt for choice and the best thing is that Homestay Teachers are located right across the UK.

Your teacher should be well qualified and make sure that they have the right qualifications for your chosen course. This means that they should have at least an EFL or TEFL qualification and been teaching for a few years. Maybe even ask if they update their skills by attending local Workshops and Courses to make sure they are completely up to date with the more popular courses such as Fast Track Intensive English or English for Professionals. Even teaching English to Young Learners is a skill and its really important that when you are staying with your English teacher that they are not wasting your time ( or money! ) and giving you the best possible experience they can.

Don’t think that after lessons you will be left alone. You will be expected to have meals with your teacher as they are also your host family. Afternoons will be spent doing what you wish. Sometimes you will be left to explore the area and other times you will be invited out with them. The best time of the day will often be the evenings. Dinner is taken socially and this is a great chance to show your teacher what you have understood that day. It’s a way of practising and improving your spoken English and before you realise it, you will be speaking this new language more smoothly and easily.

You will soon understand why these Intensive English Courses, based around a Homestay are becoming more and more popular, especially with mature students wishing to learn English.

So choose your course and choose your location but certainly one of the most popular places in Brighton and with the sea so close as well as culture and history in the City Centre, who wouldn’t want to spend some time on their Homestay English Course there.

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