English is not the most spoken language is the world. That shouldn’t be shocking as most of the worlds population is not urbanised and many (often rural) areas exist where no one would understand a word of English. Those who choose to study English usually didn’t have such a good grasp of the language before they started learning it, because a lot of their day to day interactions were in their native language. But English is by far the business language and modern language of choice. Even if you were to interact with someone that didn’t speak in your native tongue, chances are you’d be able to communicate with them effectively and efficiently in English.

It’s an international language, spoken in most cities and understood by any modern society. It’s also a sought after skill, as many non-native English countries want to hire or employ those with a good grasp of the language. Another great benefit for anyone choosing to learn the language is the fact that they would be bilingual, and that in and of itself is a game changer.

So, the takeaway is if you plan on communicating in a global, local or professional setting you’ll benefit from being fluent or in the  very least capable of speaking English.  When you do decide to learn English you should be consider doing so in England. In this series we’ll take a look at various locations in England where you can learn to speak or improve your English. Starting with the beautiful seaside town of Brighton.

Learn English in Brighton

Brighton is a seaside town in the city of Brighton and Hove. It’s one of the best places from which to explore England and you’ll have a wonderful time learning English here. The people are friendly, good natured and there’s always lots to do.


If you had the opportunity to learn something new in a comfortable and familiar setting you would probably sieze the opportunity, right? Definitely!

Homestays are a great way to learn the language, interact with the locals and still feel at home. But what exactly is a homestay? In a homestay you’ll be living with a host family that has chosen to open up their homes (and their hearts) to students choosing to study in the area.

A homestay in Brighton is unique, the locals are friendly, chatty and always willing to accommodate foreigners. The families who join homestay programmes like ours are always friendly, kind and willing to help learners. They’ll also make you feel like the home is a home away from home.

Homestays also give you the opportunity to experience British culture first hand, eating authentic and common British meals for breakfast and dinner.

You can even choose to join a programme where you’ll have the ability to stay with an English tutor and learn while you’re at “home”.

Studying English in Brighton with Language Courses

Finding an English language school in Brighton isn’t hard either, but we’re by far the best English language school in Brighton. Our extensive courses are especially robust and offer a great learning experience. These include our General English courses, our exam preparation courses that can prepare you for the IELTS exam and our homestay programmes. You’ll be able to lean English in Brighton in no time at all. We also offer several other courses in Brighton that make English language learning and studying English fun.

Schools and Studying Opportunities

Besides the English Learning institutions in the town Brighton has some of England’s finest schools. These include high schools, Universities, Colleges and institutions. You won’t be hard pressed to find a good learning institution in Brighton. There’s the University of Brighton, University of Sussex and BIMM Brighton for the more creative student.

After coming for a visit it may become hard to leave Brighton, or at the very least England. Some students may be interested in studying in England full time or coming for an extended stay through an exchange programme. Brighton has many study opportunities and Universities in stone throwing distance. You can also choose to study an English course or two part time .

What To Do In Brighton

Brighton is located in the South of England and it will take you just over an hour to travel from London to Brighton. This town is known for it’s activities, it definitely isn’t a sleepy town, and for this exact reason can be very popular with tourists. So during your stay you should try to visit some of the attraction as Brighton offers something for everyone. It’s also the perfect opportunity to practice your English language skills.

1. Brighton Beach

Since you’re learning English along the seaside, it goes without saying that you should visit the beach. Brighton beach is a great place to relax, and let your hair down. Another signature feature about Brighton’s beach is the fact that there isn’t any sand. So walking along the beach does require shoes or at least “sturdy” feet. Many of the beaches in South England don’t have sand but pebbles so this isn’t all that uncommon.

2. Brighton Promenade

The promenade is a strip along the beachfront where you can take a stroll, take a bike ride and mingle with the locals. Not only locals from Brighton but English locals in general. Many come down to Brighton over a weekend or bank holiday. You’ll also be able to visit some Brighton restaurants while on the promenade.

3. Brighton’s Parks

Brighton and Hove has over 90 parks. They’re lovely to explore and have some lovely architecture and green surrounds. When you’re there you can check out the Pavilion Gardens (where the Royal Pavilion is located), Preston Park, Queens Park and St Annes Wells Garden.

4. Brighton And Hove Albion Football Match

Football is a part of English culture and those tourists brave enough to enter a stadium should definitely do so. Brighton and Hove Albion FC is the team the locals support, so to avoid any friction you may want to support them as well. Football supporters are a great bunch of people and can be friendly, interactive and approachable. If you’re a football fanatic then you may want to deviate from the general tourist fanfare to watch at least one match.

Places of Interest in Brighton

These places of interest are must to visit when you’re in Brighton. Be sure to stop by at least one on your trip over. There are many other similarly intriguing locations as Brighton is an arts and cultural hub.

1. British Airways i360

To get a 360o view of Brighton, and take in the sights you should head over to British airways i360. The doors to this modern monument were open on 4 August 2016 and ever since then it’s become a must to visit this tower in the heart of Brighton. This observation tower 137 metre tall so there’s nothing you want see. It’s a great place to go to if you’re looking for a fantastic photo opportunity.

2. Royal Pavilion and The Many Museums

England is the home of victorian styled buildings, many of which have now been turned into museums today. One such museum is the Royal Pavilion, this museum was previously a royal residence and was a seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales.  It may not fit into the general victorian era buildings located in Brighton as it was created in an Indian and Chinese style. Looking at the museum can be an experience alone but taking a trip inside will allow you to see how King George lived back in the 19th century. The list of museums is quite extensive and includes, Brighton Museum, Booth Museum and Preston Manor.

3. Brighton Palace Pier

The palace pier is an amusement park of sorts in Brighton and is also known as the Brighton pier.  It in fact opened it’s doors in 1899 so it’s definitely not like many modern amusement parks, but it’s still fun and a must to visit when you’re in Brighton. It’s a Victorian pier and is located along the sea. There are many fun rides to explore including the Twister, Booster and Turbo Coaster.

4. Other Attractions

Brighton has an endless list of tourist and local attractions, these places can be explored on the days you’re not studying English on your homestay Brighton. Simply researching “whats on Brighton” can yield a number of results at any time of year. And include marathons, festivals and live music. This is a seaside town with a heart of gold and will remain in your heart for years to come.

Learning English in England is a great way to explore and discover England and the English language. Brighton is one location in England that is offers the best of English culture and English language experiences. Even as a local, coming to Brighton to improve your English or prepare for an exam is by really great way to learn. Who wouldn’t want to study by the sea?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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