London is a city that boasts a wide range of architectural monuments, historical landmarks/artefacts, great food/cuisines and a rich, diverse culture. These attributes are some reasons why London is an ideal city for English language learners.

Some top reasons to learn English in London include;

1. Top Destination for students:

Estimated figures show that around 100,000 or more students from around 200 different countries across the globe come to London each year to study. This figure without a doubt presents the city as a top preference for foreign students seeking to study in another country. This in part could be considered as what enables London to sustain and maintain its fantastic multicultural identity which gives it such a strong, vibrant and energetic atmosphere for living and learning. This atmosphere resonates a more exciting, fun and rich learning environment composed of a vast array of people from different walks of life to interact and connect with which is very important as English language learning is an interactive and communicative process.

2. London’s Library:

Britain is well known for its enormous availability of learning resources, tools and materials required to support and aid academics in the learning process. The British library is considered one of the largest hubs of education and learning in the world, making it a force to be reckoned with in terms of vital information and wisdom with a collection of more than 15million books that cuts across all disciplines especially on English language with around 2 to 3million books and resource materials added each year.

3. Renowned Learning Institutions:

A lot of renowned English learning institutions and universities are located in London and the city holds many options to select from. London has over 50 universities and accredited colleges meaning you are certain to find the campus and learning program that suits your needs in terms of study preferences, course duration and career goals, with a substantial number of these institutions ranking in the top category of academic indexes.

4. Suitable English Learning Environment:

London as a city is filled with endless opportunities to enable students to practice and improve their English. This is attained through simple day-to-day activities such as; shopping, using public transport and daily interactions that prompts speaking and communication with other native English speaker’s outside the classroom walls.

5. Home to a variety of English Accents and Dialects:

London is home to various English accent’s, dialects and pronunciations both from native English-speaking locals to people from around the globe who speak English in a slightly different manner either with a regional dialect or pronunciation. Listening to this range of English in its different accent, dialect and pronunciation will help English learners to improve their English language comprehension skills significantly as they talk and interact with many people who use English differently. This provides them the ample opportunity to take their comprehension skills to a whole different level as it accords them the chance to understand English language spoken in a unique manner from all over the world.

6. Vast Employment Opportunities:

London has tons of placement and internship opportunities for individuals with the right qualification that wish to be provided with an early working experience. An added advantage would be gained by graduating from an institution in London which results in better chances of being offered superb salaries and bonuses as a London degree is highly recognised around the world. This would earn you the respect and propel you into high demand in your respective profession or career field.

7. Unique Multicultural City:

London is also a great place for English speakers to study as the city is known for its unique multicultural and open-minded environment that will expose you to a diverse array of the international community. London is filled with individuals of different cultures and ethnicity from all over the world, this makes it very difficult for the city to fall short of providing a rich multicultural experience through historical British museums, fashion houses and restaurants.

8. Valued Student Life:

Foreign and local students alike make up much of the city’s less affluent population and this is obvious to the city’s government as they cater for these classes of residents by providing student discounts on certain goods, services, tours, events and entertainment.

This value placed on students is to ensure that their welfare is a top priority and also serve as a side attraction to captivate the interests of other potential learners.

However, accommodation in the city can be the most expensive part of schooling for English language learners, so it is essential to find affordable accommodation in the city that caters for your course duration and length of stay.

9. Wide Choice of English Language Course’s:

Accredited private and public English language learning schools in London offer hundreds of English language courses ranging from academic preparation, teacher training, junior summer camps and examinations such as Cambridge, PTE and IELTS for student‘s to pick from with greater study flexibility.

10. The Home of English:

Studying the English language in a city regarded as the home of English, will enable and fast track students to easily learn new language skills in English whilst immersing themselves in the city’s culture and way of life. And this makes the learning process continuous in an informal manner and atmosphere as your English will improve every time you meet new people and make new friends.

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