This beautiful, quaint seaside town is the perfect place to learn English. Cornwall is a town known for it’s unique characteristics. It is also home to some of England’s best tourist destinations and historic locations. From here you are able to explore and discover the old world charm and Victorian splendour the British are renowned for. This town is a lovely place to take a break, learn English or to improve your skills and meet some fascinating people. Making it the ideal place for an English language homestay. In this post you’ll see why learning English here is a must!

There are three primary reasons why you should choose this location as the place for your English language homestay, and these include.

The Language:

This southwestern town on the Atlantic ocean is one of the few places in England where people speak Cornish (a Gaelic Language). This Celtic language (which is more common in Ireland and Scotland) is spoken by a small cluster of Cornish people who most likely have a Scottish, Irish or Welsh connection. This Celtic language is a minority language spoken in the region with English still being the language spoken by most residents. However, on your stay in Cornwall, you’ll be able to notice these locals through their dialect, although they too have a great command of English, their accents will be heavier since many of them speak Cornish. Even some Britons have commented that not even they can understand what the Scottish or Irish are saying. But for the most part people in Cornwall speak English clearly and confidently. However, running into this small cluster of locals can make you feel like you’re in another country. It’s a beautiful thing to behold.

The People

The Cornish are friendly people. They’re able to make the most reserved and shy feel welcomed. That’s what makes travelling to this part of England so fantastic, not only do you get to view some of histories most beautiful architectural areas, you also get to meet some of England’s friendliest communities. Making friends in this part of England is nearly bound to happen. They’re welcoming, forthcoming and generous. They greet and smile and make visitors feel like family. This is not just something your host family will do but also those in the town in general.

The Atmosphere

Since the Cornish are very friendly, it is only natural that the atmosphere of the town would be great. However the atmosphere is not only as a result of the friendly and easy going nature of the Cornish but also because of the towns background and history. Cornwall is largely known as a fishing town as many English, Scottish and Irish dwellers moved to the town in the 16th Century. It has also become a place where many English come to get away from the hustle and bustle of other English cities and experience the joys of living in a small town.

A Homestay In Cornwall

Staying in Cornwall on an English language homestay is a great experience. This town is a fantastic place to learn English away from the hustle and bustle of other busier cities in England. It’s also located on the coast with beautiful green scenery and lovely views. But what exactly makes a homestay in Cornwall different to any other destination?

What To Expect On Your Visit To Cornwall

Cornwall is a coastal town in South West England and is very well known for it’s cornish pasties. But the town is quite fascinating so there is really more to explore than it’s delicious cuisine and Celtic roots.

Learning English

As an international student learning English abroad is an excellent way to gain a fantastic grasp of the language from native English speakers. More so choosing England should be a definite consideration since it is the home of the language after all and will give you an authentic and memorable experience.

Host Family

Your host family will be the people you’ll be staying with on your homestay. They’ll provide you with accommodation and meals as well as some fantastic conversation that can make you feel more at home. They’re also able to help you improve your English since you’ll be talking to them around the dinner table and interacting with them on a daily basis.

Things To Do In Cornwall

Cornwall is also a wonderful place to travel as an international visitor. This city is certainly not short on sights, activities and interesting “lost” artefacts. It’s mysterious, mythical, and quite understated, but this English town offers as much, if not more than others.

Popular Sights

Cornwall is known for it’s beautiful scenic locations and has become a popular tourist attraction, some of these attractions would be great to explore when you come for a visit.

Victoria Gardens:

This garden was created to commemorate Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee. It is filled with exotic shrubs, trees and breathtaking flowers.

The Eden Project:

This tourist attraction is nestled in a crater and is home to the worlds largest rainforest in captivity. It has many biome’s where you can discover and explore a wide range of botanical delights. Flowers, trees, herbs and all sorts of plant species find a home in Eden, it is also fondly referred to as the 8th wonder of the world.

Newquay Zoo:

This zoo in Cornwall is home to over 100 species of the worlds most endangered animal species’. You can find everything from lions, wildebeest, crowned lemurs and the only remaining egg laying lizard in Britain that could become extinct due to an attack on it’s habitat.


Tintagel is situated in Cornwall and is a lovely village within this larger city. Here you can navigate through castle ruins, take in the breathtaking views of the Atlantic ocean and wander through the villages medieval architecture. This village is also known for the myths and legends that surround it, as it is said that King Arthur once resided here. Although this cannot be verified. Even without any basis for the myths and folklore tourists still find the place fascinating.

Undiscovered Travel Gems

These undiscovered gems are not packed to capacity with tourists, they’re primarily enjoyed by the locals. Giving you the opportunity to really enjoy the environment in all its splendour and are definitely a must to visit if you have the time.

Cornish Seal Sanctuary:

The Cornish are clearly loving people as can be seen by their vast range of animal and plant conservation projects. One such project is the Seal Sanctuary. Here injured seal pups are given the space to recover and volunteers help these precious creatures. It was founded in 1958, and since it’s inception has helped many injured seals recover and re-enter the wild. This is a must visit for animal lovers.

The Minack Theatre:

This famous open air theatre is loved by locals, and visitors alike. It comes alive in Summer with plays being featured at the theatre daily. The surroundings are also  quite beautiful as it perched on a cliff beside the Atlantic ocean.


Mousehole is situated in West Cornwall and is a lovely fishing village with beautiful beaches. It is not as frequented as the rest of Cornwalls lovely scenic coast. And offers visitors a quiet place to relax and wander through. The narrow streets and yellow lichened homes are also make this a picture perfect.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan:

The reason this garden is known as the lost garden is that it was only rediscovered in 1990 by Tim Smit when by chance he stumbled upon a door in the overgrowth and weeds that led to the discovery of this 80 acre garden. This story alone is reason enough to visit this garden.

Education and Cornwall

Many students after coming for a homestay are inclined to want to explore educational opportunities in England. Cornwall has it’s fair share of institutions for students to explore. There are also institutions in close proximity. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Falmouth College:

This college is a great place for creatives to learn. This institution has an extensive list of courses in various creative industries from writing and journalism to film and television, even a Game academy. It’s a dream for any creative youngster that wishes to hone their talents and skills.

University of Exeter:

The university of Exeter whose alumni include JK Rowling has a campus in cornwall. The university also has more than 5000 international students from more than 140 countries, making it the ideal institution for a foreign student.

Plymouth University:

Plymouth University is currently ranked as the second best university in the UK. Students at their Cornwall campus enjoy a word class setting with a group of diverse students. It’s also said to be quite picturesque with a robust curriculum and extensive list of undergraduate and post graduate degrees.

The Eden Project:

Not only can you spend time in this botanical wonder as a visitor you can also study here. Courses include degrees in horticulture, tourism, event management, education, land and ecological restoration and renewable energy.

Choosing to come to Cornwall for an English language homestay is a brilliant way for students to learn something new and discover the Cornish culture all that this vibrant and friendly community has to offer. So, why not visit Cornwall?

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