The process of learning English involves the coordination of both the Homestay English Tutor and the student. More important than a willing and motivated student is a motivated teacher. It is the teacher who helps understand every bit of the English language.

Those who want to avoid the burden of the classroom can easily avail homestay tuition. Teaching English takes a lot of time. The English lessons cannot be just once taught and never practiced. It is the English teacher who has to understand the cultural differences and help cross that barrier. With an efficient lesson planning, teachers can easily teach English in a homestay. As far as students go, learning English will be quite easy a joyful experience. This experience will also save the host family a lot of trouble.

The most important matter at hand concerns the homestay English tutors and how the tutor intends to deliver. The whole idea is for the student to not just rely on intuition. However, with the correct English intuition, the student will be able to understand English.

For a teacher to effectively deliver the lessons, here are a few teaching tips:

1. Understand your student:

Being a top and good English tutor requires understanding the student. That is especially true for homestay English tutors. They have to be quick and efficient enough to read the student. Communication between student and teacher is what makes a tutor good. The language barrier, cultural differences, and other difficulties will come for both the student and teacher. The student isn’t responsible for that. The teacher, however, bears the responsibility of leading the student to understand English.

2. Understand yourself:

“How to become an English tutor?” “What does it take to describe your teaching and tutoring experience?” “What makes you a great tutor?” “Why do you want to be an English tutor?” “What makes a great tutor?”.

These questions will be asked. The answers will vary from person to person. Not every tutor bears the same attitude and ideas; not every tutor sees the world like every other tutor. The best tutor online available can be different from tutors in real life.

An English tutor must first understand his/her weaknesses and strengths. To deliver the as best English tutor, one has to polish their strengths. Any tutor of English language is guilty of weaknesses. That is, of course, a sign of being human. As far as weaknesses are concerned, they must not be left unattended. They should always be corrected. Some of the tips for being on top for the first time also include being fair to your assessment. From time to time, let your student assess and grade your skills. Why do students need English tutor who is best at their job? The answer won’t surprise anyone because everyone deserves the best. Nobody should compromise on anything second to none. An English tutor who will be teaching at home should understand this fact. The student will have high expectations. It is the tutor’s job to fulfill them.

3. Effective methods:

The question often asked, “What makes a great tutor?” can be easily answered in a few sentences:

It’s not just the lesson planning. It is never the qualifications or the experience. How to tutor English effectively depends only on communication. With communication between the English tutor and student, everyone gets their share.

The student gets to know all the technical details of the English language. The teacher manages to address all that the student needs to know. The two-way process continues to grow as the homestay tutor helps the student. The best part about this process is that the tutor doesn’t have to focus on other students. There is only one student and demands all attention.

Great intuition needs to be there while teaching English. It is one of the ways that help students bond with the language. The student alone cannot do it and needs friendly assistance. The English tutor is there to ensure that happens. It is the tutor’s responsibility that the student knows the basics of English vocabulary.  The teacher has to address and clarify everything. From a minor mistake to a technically great error, the teacher must be there to correct.

How to become a home tutor is not very difficult to answer. However, to be a great home tutor requires a lot of training and understanding of student’s nature. Once done, you can easily be the best  English tutor

To enable you to become a successful Homestay English Tutor we offer various English Teacher Training courses, one of the most popular one is TEFL Brighton, which is Teaching English as a Foreign Language.


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