Have you ever wondered why so many people like to go and visit Cornwall and learn English whist they are there?  Here are 10 Unique things that Cornwall has to offer everyone….

Cornwall is a magical and unique place right on the south western tip of England.  It has a fascinating history and has been “invaded” by The French; The Celts; The Picts to name a few.  There are many amazing things on offer for any student wishing to come and spend time here learning English.   English Lessons and English Literature and history can be seamlessly added so that you not only improve your English but you learn about the very diverse and interesting history of this region.

It is also a magnet for Higher Education with many Colleges and Universities being built there in places such as Falmouth; Truro and Redruth to name a few.  The Campus in Falmouth not only specialises in Design and Art but also all Maritime subjects.  When you see Falmouth Harbour – one of the most natural deep harbours in the world, you will know why this is a “go to” destination for so many students on English language programmes.

Cornwall is beautiful whatever the weather
Cornwall is beautiful whatever the weather

Wonderful weather

Cornwall is renowned for its sunny weather but also the heavy rainfall from the Atlantic. Be prepared for the changes along the Cornish Coast by packing both your Umbrella; Boots and a swimsuit.  Don’t forget a towel for paddling on the wonderful sandy beaches and a sun hat, because for sure, amongst the rain, there will be sunshine.

Historical places of interest

You can not go far in Cornwall without stepping over an historical place of interest.    They vary from the King Arthur story around Tintagel; to the Witches at Boscastle.  Moving on from there is the wonderful castle and Pilgrimage Centre of St Michaels Mount – a carbon copy of Mont St Michel in Brittany.   Finding literature and Art is easy if you visit St Ives, especially the open air Mimack Theatre. And if you want some real magic then try the Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Magical atmosphere

There is something in the air in Cornwall.  It’s a home of magical dragons witches and spells.  Once you visit it, you will want to return again and again.  So be careful and expect to be drawn under its spell

Cheap flights

Cornwall seems a long way away from London or Manchester, but never worry.  There are some amazing high speed trains to get you there but also regular flights from London Gatwick directly into Newquay Airport.  Don’t worry if you are coming from Europe, as many Low Cost Airlines such as EasyJet or Ryanair also fly from many places in Europe, directly into Newquay.  How good is that?

Stunning beaches

Wherever you choose to spend your holidays you wont be far from some amazing – nay stunning beaches!  The north of the country has rollers coming in from the Atlantic so if you enjoy surfing, then you need to be looking at places around Newquay; Croyde; Fistral Beach areas.  If you want to do more paddling; swimming and walking along the shore then the south part of the country is best with the long sandy beaches and safe swimming waters. Consider Marizion ; Falmouth; St Mawes and you won’t go far wrong.

Interested and well qualified tutors

As you will expect, if Cornwall is interesting, then so will the teachers be who live there!  Teachers who live in Cornwall are wonderfully well read and produce some fascinating lessons, even based around Cornwall.  They are able to offer lots of different styles of English from beginners to Business to Exam English and all of that can be tied up with a piece of fascinating Cornish history should you so wish.   Some tutors live right on the coast in Cornish cottages built for wild and woolly winters.  Others live in converted Barns right in the middle of Cornwall in beautiful woods and forest, sharing them with Cornish Elves and Fairies and even the occasional witch. There are so many beautiful styles of accommodation from Castles to Boats that wherever you choose to stay you know that it will just add dimension to the English Programmer.  All of the locations will be perfect should you want to be in Fowey; St Ives or even St Austell, close to the Eden Project.   

Some of these tutors are happy to incorporate real Cornish entertainment in their English programmes.  There are teachers there who can offer;

Surfing Afternoons – around Mawgan Porth and Newquay

Theatre and Drama, incorporating Mimack Theatre

Creative Writing Courses are great with Learning English Programmes and are very popular with “ ladies of a certain age!”

We also know tutors who like to offer English in the mornings and then take their students out for an afternoon around the golf Course.  This wold be a great combination holiday should you wish to do this one.    

Finally if horse riding if some of your passions, then you need to book one of the Tutors who live c lose to St Michaels Mount.  With the low tide, you can ride across the sands to St Michaels Mount; sped a pleasant afternoon there having a cup of tea or an ice cream and then ride your horse back and all before High Tide.

Friendly people each with a great story to tell

There are some great characters who live in Cornwall and all of them with wonderful stories to tell.  Not only of their lives but of the area.  You can be sure that in their stories of local life there will be a fair amount of poetic license and magical fairy stories.  After all, they used to call the Cornish people “ black people2 and we don’t know if this was from the dirt on their skins from mining or from their mixed heritage, so make a point to find out more about the Folklore that is around Cornwall .  Many famous celebrities have houses down in Cornwall from Rachel Johnson to Dawn French to real celebtries of a bye gone age such as Daphe du Marrier and Derek Tangye.  He was a well known author and playwright who went to Cornwall to visit and decided to buy a house and build a business there.  You can read all about his life and his animals in the following books…

The Minack Chronicles.  It covers his life on a Daffodil farm called Dorminack, affectionately referred to as Minack, west of Cornwall.  He lived there with his wife Jeannie. The couple had given up sophisticated busy lives in London to escape the Rat Race and live in almost isolation.   He wasn’t the first and he wont be the last.

Amazing Food such as Cornish Pasties and Scrumpy

As you can imagine, Cornwall is well known for its food and more particularly the local fish which is caught either in the river or seas around the county.  Fish plays an important part in the life of Cornish people and if you visit, be sure to come away with a Cornish recipe book.  Scallops and Mussels are farmed there and you will often see people in the sea and rivers, even in the winter looking for them and will then sell them to local restaurants.  How fresh is that?  However, they also have the most marvellous Cornish Pasties, which were invented for the Minders and the Farmers.  The idea was to have a large piece of pastry and into this was placed meat; vegetables and potatoes with a bit of gravy.  It was then wrapped and baked.  Not only nutritious but sustaining on the cold Moors.

A great Two Centre stay after visiting Bristol – Stratford or London

Many people like to see as much of England as they can when they visit.  If you only have 2 weeks then why not try a two centre stay – one week in one place and then move on to the other place.  One of the popular destinations for a two centre stay would be Stratford on Avon – a real Shakespeare Feast and then go down to Cornwall, St Ives and take in an open air play for Shakespeare at the Mimack Theatre.  Otherwise will like to get some culture in Bristol and then a short three hour car drive will bring them right down on the most southernly part of Cornwall.  If you are thinking that a week in the capital, London would tick all the cultural boxes and then a week on the beaches then you cant go far wrong.  One good week in London and then take the plane, down to Newquay for a Surfing and Sunshine Holidays.  Flights are 2 or 3 times a day from London and only take 60 minutes. Best of all it is a turbo prop plane which means it doesn’t fly so high and you get an amazing view of the coastline all the way down, culminating in flying in over the Eden Project.  What a way to start the second week of your UK holiday

So if you are seriously considering doing an English Programme in England and more particularly in Cornwall then do consider all of the benefits and bonuses you have read above.

We look forward to welcoming you in Kernow soon.  Happy Travelling.

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