If you want to improve your English language skills  there’s no better place to do it in than Scotland! This lovely country is home to some of the most worlds friendliest people and exciting locations, but it’s also home to our community of host families and English tutors.

English as you know is an international language, one that brings with it it’s own opportunities- educational and career opportunities alike. That’s why learning it and being able to speak it fluently is so important. Confident English speakers can expect to receive many more career opportunities and far more educational opportunities than those who cannot speak the language. So, it’s really a vital skill to have. Industries like aviation require that both the cabin crew and air traffic controllers have a good grasp of the language.
It’s not only a career and educational language, but a social one as well. You can travel to several countries around the world and expect to find English speakers- the same is true for surfing the Internet and the opportunities speaking English online brings.

Now that you understand why speaking English is so important you should consider learning this language in Scotland. Here’s why.

Scottish Culture and People:

The people of Scotland are warm and friendly. They are welcoming to foreigners, so you won’t feel isolated or alone when you’re visiting this country.

1. The Languages:

English is still the most widely spoken language in Scotland, however, Scotland has two other languages which some natives may speak (in addition to English). The first would be Scottish Gaelic, this language is quite distinct. The second is Scots (Scottish English) which is more of an unofficially official version of English in the Scottish Lowlands, but because it differs so greatly from English the Scottish felt the need to have it named. It is now accepted by the UK as a language. But Scotland is also diverse and is home to over 170 international languages, you’ll certainly find someone residing here that speaks your native language.

2. Scottish cuisine:

Ahh, haggis the national dish of Scotland. This cuisine is well known all around the world. This dish is made with sheep heart, liver and and lungs which is minced in spices, onions, salt, oatmeal and suet and is stuffed into animal stomach. It may sound strange but in fact it’s quite delicious. Other delights include fish and chips and short bread, which you may find more appealing.

3. Scottish Culture:

Home of the kilt and the bagpipes, Scotland is a very interesting country with it’s own unique culture and history. The kilt actually originated with the Highland clans and it was a way to identify clansmen from other clans. Each of the clans would have the cloth woven in a design distinct to them. However it has now become a national piece with kilts being worn whenever Scottish heritage is celebrated. Another part of Scottish culture would be golf. The sport originated here in the 15th century with St. Andrews being the oldest golf course in the world.

Learn English in Scotland-Universities In Scotland
University Of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Universities In Scotland:

High quality higher education institutions are quite common in Scotland. So if you’re thinking about living in Scotland and studying there after you’ve completed one of our language courses be sure to check out one of these Scottish universities.

1. University of Edinburgh:

Located in the vibrant city of Edinburgh this is the 6th oldest university and was built in 1583. It now has more than 39 000 students and faculty and staff from over 137 countries. What makes this university truly exceptional is that it is ranked 18th in the world and boasts a fantastic learning and teaching environment.

2. University of Abeerden:

This university has recently upgraded its campus to facilitate world-class learning and teaching. It’s the best school for anyone concerned about employability after graduating as 96% of students find employment or further study in only 6 months after graduating. It also has a comprehensive list of undergraduate programmes meaning there’s something for everyone.

3. University of Dundee:

This modern university can be found in the vibrant city of Dundee. This happens to be Scotland’s sunniest city and was recently named a design city by UNESCO. The campus is friendly, modern and compact and the university has 9 departments ranging from dentistry to art and design and even education and social work.

4. University of Glasgow:

After learning English in Scotland at one of our English language schools you may think about studying at the university of Glasgow. This university is the 4th oldest university in the English speaking world and is noted as a top research university as it belongs to the Russell group. Join over 25 000 students who already call U of G their home.

Travelling In Scotland:

In most Scottish cities everything will be in walking distance, but you can still catch one of these methods of transport in Scotland.

1. Tram:

If you need a ride from the airport (in Edinburgh) the tram is definitely a reliable means of transportation. It’s convenient and affordable as well. There are exactly 16 stops between Edinburgh airport and York Place. And they link with the bus and trains in the city.

2. Train:

Scotlands major cities are linked by train, you can also get a train to London, although that will be a 5 hour ride. But the train is a very reliable and you can travel throughout Scotland and visit some of the most beautiful landmarks (while enjoying the scenery) in true British fashion- on the train that is!

3. Subway:

The clockwork orange as it is referred to by locals is the name of the underground rail link in Glasgow. This system works in a clockwise and anti-clockwise fashion and the train is bright orange, so you can see where it got its name from. This subway is the second oldest subway in the world but has been upgraded to remain modern and safe. You can only use it to get in and around Glasgow though.

4. Bus:

The bus is the most affordable means to get around the Scottish cities. They’re clean and reliable as well, although less frequent in villages than they are the in the cities. 

Things To Do In Scotland:

If you’re spending time in a vibrant city in Scotland, or you’re about to plan a trip to Scotland for the sole purpose of learning English you should be sure to visit at least one of these locations.

1. Edinburgh Castle:

This castle nestled atop a hill in the capital city of Edinburgh. The architecture is stunning, but what lies inside is even more breathtaking. Explore the castle walls and walk through this previous royal residence. While you’re inside you can view Britains oldest crown jewels once worn by Mary Queen of Scots. 

2. Cairngorm National Park:

Explore Scotland Cairngorms national park. This is UKs largest national park and the amount of activities available are astonishing. Located in the Scottish Highlands this park is more like a town- you can ski, canoe, and hike in this park as well as visit Balmoral Castle. The list is endless but it’s a definite must if you’re in Scotland.

3. Visit Orkney Islands:

If you have the chance to visit this magnificent Scottish islands during your English course by all means do. This island has many of it’s own spectacular wonders and ancient dwellings to explore. Take the Broch of Gurness or the Bishop Palace- although these sights are from two different ages they have great historical value and are beautiful to behold. You could also visit the Ring of Brodgar or the Standing Stones of Stennes while you’re there.

Learning English in Scotland- student
A student at Cairngorm National Park

Learning English in Scotland:

To improve your English language skills you should be attending an English language schools, or in the very least language classes. 

1. Host Families:

Our Scottish host families make learning English in Scotland quite easy and comfortable for our foreign students. They’re friendly, accommodating and proudly Scottish. They’ll be able to give you a truly Scottish experience on your stay and will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.

2. English Tutors:

Our English tutors are qualified and skilled many of them have been teaching English as a second language in Scotland for many years. They’ll test your current skill level and work on a programme that will help you meet your goals in the allocated time. They’ll also help you improve your grammar, punctuation and speaking skills. They’re a great sounding boards if you’re unsure about something. So don’t be afraid to ask for help when you’re studying with them.

3. English Language Courses:

If you want to learn English in Glasgow, learn English in Edinburgh or learn English anywhere in Scotland for that matter you should try one of our English language courses. There’s an English course catering to your skill level as well as your learning goals that allow you to improve your language skills at one of our English language schools. Make it a family event and come on a trip with our English for families course. We also offer business English and preparation courses as well as extensive and fast track courses.

To learn English in Scotland is a wonderful thing. You’ll be able to experience Scottish culture and view the beautiful Scottish landscape- and maybe even make a friend or two.

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