[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you’re thinking “how can I become a better speaker” or “how can I learn English quickly” you’re not alone. Spending months learning a language isn’t that practical anymore. You may not have the time, or you might like to learn to speak powerful English fast and easy. It could be that you already have a good grasp of the language but want to speak English better or improve your conversational skills and speaking power. The great thing about this blog post is that you’ll learn to speak English fluently in just 30 days.

Speaking Exercises:

Becoming fluent in English quickly is possible, but to accomplish this you need to complete certain exercises that will improve your English and your speaking power. Speaking exercises will help you start speaking confidently. In these exercises you’ll learn how to communicate better in English and they’ll ensure that you’re speaking English perfectly in no time at all.

Watch YouTube Videos:

Since YouTube videos are more informal they’re less intimidating to beginners. You don’t have to watch videos about learning English, but instead you can focus on watching as many YouTube videos about things that interest you. You can then listen to everything they’re saying and mimic it. You can say what they’re saying so that you can become a confident English speaker.

Listen To Translation Tapes:

Although they probably won’t be tapes necessarily, but rather downloads you should spend time listening to them nonetheless. The speaker will say the word in your language and will give you the English equivalent. This is great at teaching you the basic English words if you aren’t a confident or capable speaker. But this can also be used if you’re more advanced, just get recordings for more advanced speakers. You should also practice speaking what you’ve heard in the recordings to improve your speaking skills and learn English quickly.

Listen To Podcasts or English Talk Radio:

You can either listen to the radio or a podcast. Listening to radio stations and podcasts that spend most of their time talking. These can be both entertaining but will also help your English speaking skills overall. Focus on repeating the English words you had trouble with while listening to the host. Podcasts and radio segments are also great at improving your listening skills.

Speak To A Native Speaker

Listening Exercises

These exercises will help you improve your listening ability. In communication listening is actually more important than speaking. And if you want to hold a conversation with anyone in English you’ll need to learn to listen. Listening will also help you improve your English speaking but speaking won’t help you improve your listening.

Speak To A Native:

Speaking to a native will undoubtedly help you learn English rapidly. Just speaking in English will ensure your skills improve. The reason you should talk to a native instead of other novice speakers is that you’ll be able to listen to how they speak and decide how you’ll phrase your answers correctly. Even if they don’t correct you outrightly you’ll be able to hear through their response that they don’t understand what you’re saying.

Listen To Voice Messages:

Another great way to learn the English language is to call companies and listen to their automated responses. In doing this you’ll learn common English phrases. You can learn how to thank in English and the different ways to say thank you which will help you when you’re expressing thanks in English. Listening to these messages will also teach you how to make a complaint.

Grammar and Writing Exercises:

If you plan on speaking English confidently you should know how to use the correct grammar and be able to write and spell correctly. These basic grammar exercises will help you improve your grammar in a reasonable time frame.

Read Books:

If you’re looking for a way to learn English grammar and improve your writing you should be reading books. Books will help your grammar and writing. Reading also helps your speaking and communication improve. If you’re really confident you should read out aloud. Start with children books and move onto more complex books. Reading books you may have read in your own language before is also very helpful. Another great benefit of reading is that you’ll improve your vocabulary and spoken English.

Read An English Newspaper:

Another excellent method to improving your grammar is to read an English newspaper. Since all newspaper articles need to be correctly edited you’ll learn about the correct grammar, tenses and phrases.

Use Flashcards:

Flashcards are good at showing you how to use grammar correctly. On the one side you’ll write the word and on the other side you’ll write how you’ll use it in a sentence. You can also do this with present and past tense. The more your skills improve the more complex your flash cards can become. Like how would you use “whereby” in a sentence or what would be the present and past tense of the word “teach”.

Studying English

Nothing can substitute learning English from a reputable institution. It doesn’t have to be as formal as a university or night school, but studying English will help you improve- and quickly too. The professionals who teach you will have English communication skills training and have knowledge on the best methods. They’ll also be native speakers and will be able to help you along your journey.

English Language Courses:

There are many English courses that will help you improve your English. You should choose courses based on your specific goals- like Business English if you plan on using English in a professional environment or need to create a presentation. There are other courses as well that deal with Fast Fluency, powerful English speaking and communication skills.

English Language Homestay:

A homestay in a primarily English speaking country will definitely help you improve your English. On a homestay you’ll learn how to speak English in a classroom while staying with a native English family that you can communicate with and improve your overall grasp of the language. You’ll also be in a country where all the signs, menus and day-to-day observations will be completed in English forcing you to improve your command of the language.

English one on one:

For those learners who want to know how to learn English fast a one-on-one option is certainly the best solution. It combines an English Language Homestay with a course of your choice. You get a tutor that will be with you 24/7 who can help you improve your skills quickly. And who is qualified to teach English.

Listening Intently is very important

Tips To Make The Most of You 30 Days

Now that you know exactly where to go to learn English as well as what to do you should follow these tips to make the most of the time you have. These tips will also ensure that you know how to learn English very fast and retain the information you’ve learnt.

Listen Intently:

One thing that many who are learning a new language don’t do often enough is spend time listening. You’d be amazed at what you learn by listening alone. If you are able to you can also ask those you’re listening to what something means- if you’re not entirely sure. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you know it all, just because you’ve progressed very quickly. Continue to listen and continue learning until you’re perfectly fluent.

Spend Adequate Amounts Of Time On The Project:

Spending 1 or 2 hours a day practicing isn’t going to help you become fluent in English in 30 days. Instead you should spend more time dedicated to learning the language. Even if you only spend time speaking the language or reading books- you’ll find that because of your constant practice you’re able to develop your skill sets better and speak English confidently.

Make Notes/ Voice Notes:

The best way to learn English quickly is to constantly make notes about the things you hear, or the things you’ve learnt. Especially the things you won’t easily remember like autumn idioms, or silent letters, or even figures of speech. These notes can also provide you with knowledge on how to learn grammar in English quickly. Keep in mind however, that English can be complex but if you’re constantly making notes, and going over those notes when you have the time you’ll find that you’re learning a lot faster than you would have.

Record Yourself:

You may think you sound a certain way in your head… Until you hear yourself… Then you find out that you don’t sound as eloquent as you thought. To avoid this you should instead, record yourself speaking and play it again so you can hear where you need to improve and where you have accomplished your goals.

Avoid speaking slang:

When you’re learning to speak English you should avoid slang and derogatory terms at all costs. These can in fact make you less pleasant to talk to than if you were to use pure English. Avoid the obvious culprits of slang which would be rap/hip hop culture and songs as well as some pop music and American movies. You can instead watch plays, or Business tutorials and Child-friendly uploads on YouTube.

It really is possible to learn English in a month. Simply following these steps and applying the tips and methods mentioned above you’ll notice that you’ll learn English faster and become a confident English speaker.

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