If you are a Boarding School student from another country, other than an English speaking one, you may worry about your English level and want to improve it on courses run throughout the holiday period.  This is an excellent way of achieving your goal and Holiday Courses for Boarding School Students are always available throughout the UK and offer high quality English language programmes for students either on a Homestay English Programme or by joining larger groups at English and Sports Camps.  You will find many various courses available for ages from 8 years to 18 years, so always plenty of choice.

All of the activities are of a high class and standard and operated by qualified Instructors.  You can be sure that the Teachers chosen for subjects such as English; Mathematics; Science or Sports are very experienced and well qualified.  We remain justifiably proud of our course programmes have a variety of afternoon activities to amuse you as well as Discos and full day excursions trice a week.

Attending any of these Holidays Courses will provide students with a very rounded experience, not only in progressing their English but in other academic subjects or, even sports.

If you choose the programme for Groups at  a Summer Camps then of course you will be spending your time with other International students.  Class size is important and you can be sure that no class operates with more than 14 students in it.  Summer School Holiday Courses run from the end of June through to mid August so plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine and improve your English.

  • Our main focus will be on the English Lessons and you can be sure that you will receive at least 16 hours of formal English lessons a week.  For those students who prefer a one to one approach ( 1-2-1) then you can choose to have 15; 20 or 25 hours of English Lessons.  In addition, some of our Tutors on a Homestay Programme can offer or arrange for you to have additional Mathematics and other academic subjects so that when you return to your Boarding School you will feel more settled and confident in lessons.  Whatever subjects you choose, you can be sure they are of the highest quality.
  • Holiday Courses also allow you to make other friends from other countries and this means that by conversing together in English, you will learn to speak in a more relaxed and confident way.  Many parents prize the fact that their children are being educated in England but some students struggle with pronunciation of English or written English and most Summer Camps can deal with this.  By spending your mornings in a formal setting having English or other academic subjects and then relaxing in the afternoons with fun activities which could range from Rock Climbing; Canoeing;  Art; Drama or even just Bowling you will learn English in a more relaxed way and when you are relaxed, you learn more. Most English Language Centres will want you to enjoy your time with them as well as improve your lessons and they choose their Activity Leaders and Organisers for having great empathy with younger students.
  • If you find that going home is too far in the shorter holidays, then consider a Homestay Programme with a qualified Tutor who can help you improve subjects such as English; mathematics; Science or History.  Therefore in the week or two when your Boarding School is closed, you can stay with a carefully selected Host teacher and have valuable individual lessons with them.  Maybe you have Exeat Weekends, which can be as much as 4 days away from school and so rather than using this time to sleep and watch films on Netflix, you can sign up for a fast Track Course for English!  Many students find these Exeat weekends most useful in helping them achieve their goals with some extra private lessons.
  • Finally, if you really are ready to fly home when school finishes for the summer, then consider coming back to the UK a little earlier and signing up for the last two weeks of International Summer School with Holiday Courses or Homestay Tuition Courses so that when you do return to Boarding School, you will return with much improved English and a renewed confidence to take all of those difficult subjects for the term ahead

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