]Teaching is a unique passion. It is a way to help people understand and learn new things, to help them grow and enrich their lives. And it takes a special kind of person, who is patient, understanding and motivated. Helping people is one of the best things you can do in life.

English is a very important language to learn in the world today. And teaching English internationally is a job in high demand. Anyone who wishes to pursue this much sought after role will get to travel all over the world, experience different cultures and meet new people. And all while doing something that really helps people.

Top Training from our TEFL courses in Brighton

A great language teacher is a guide to the student in the new and maybe challenging world of learning English. It is the teacher who must understand the cultural differences with each student and help them cross this language barrier. The teacher must be as motivated as the willing student to help them do their best.

And to be a great English teacher, you need the right teacher training. International TEFL training helps aspiring English teachers to excel in their skills to be the best teacher to their students.

You can find relevant courses at language schools or with online TEFL courses. But you need a programme with excellent, committed tutors that will help you on your journey and prepare you for success. The TEFL course in Brighton gives you all the skills and resources you need, dedicated to helping you prosper in your new career.

What is a TEFL course?

TEFL Certificate training teaches the skills and tools needed for a career as a tutor Teaching English as a Foreign language to foreign students.

Our course is similar to TESOL training and CELTA based English sessions, providing TEFL qualifications to work in the UK or abroad.

Who is this course for?

If you are a fluent or native English speaker and have a love for teaching; if you are eager and committed to a career teaching English in other countries or to foreign students at home, then this is the course for you.

It will appeal to those who want to experience new places and new cultures, who want to enjoy living and working abroad. It is suitable for anyone with prior teaching experience or teaching qualifications. For this course you do not need a degree to learn to teach English abroad.

TEFL course details

The 16 hour weekend course is taught over 2 days with another 16 hours of classroom-based training and with unlimited teaching practice with feedback and written assessments.

This is then followed by ongoing monitoring and online assessment learning and you have 6 months to complete the course.

Classroom content

Training on how to motivate students and help them to overcome challenges with learning, as well as how to approach different learning styles and levels.

Review lesson planning strategies, classroom management and activities and teaching techniques.

Breakdown of teaching the important language elements like grammar, vocabulary, phonology and phonetics, reading and listening.

Explore teaching resources, further development and career paths and opportunities.

Online content

Reinforcement of content learned in the classroom, with an archive of resources available for continued learning and practice.

Five assessed assignments with further optional assignments are included and paired with self evaluation tasks and activities.

Course benefits

What makes this course stand out among other TEFL programmes is the personal approach it offers, with one to one interactions and a maximum of eight people in each classroom. This means you get full individual attention and on going support.

The course has been prepared by highly qualified Delta trainers, and offers unlimited classroom teaching and monitoring; as much as you need until you feel confident to teach on your own.

The DOS (Director of Studies) is always available to speak with you, either in person or over the phone or by email, about anything that might be of concern. Your experience with the programme and progress is of the utmost importance.

The course allows flexibility, designed to allow you to work at your own pace, and as part time. And if by the end of the programme, you feel you are still not ready, you can attend the next available course for free. This will take away any pressure from an absolute time limit.

After course options

After you have completed the course successfully at Brighton language centre, you can teach in your own home to foreign students or travel abroad to teach young learners or adults. You can even go on to train for business English teaching.

If you join our English Language Homestay Tutor Programme, we may have available positions for you to teach our Homestay students. Or we can help with placement abroad in a wide range of locations. We work with many partner schools throughout the world, and through our contacts and links with these schools you will have access to offers of TEFL jobs abroad.

Step into your new career

Teaching English as a foreign language is a career with so much freedom and satisfaction. It allows you to fund your travel to new places with work that is not too demanding. It gives you valuable teaching experience that you can use to progress in your teaching career or down other career paths.

With our guidance and support, you will be able plan, prepare and deliver exciting and stimulating English lessons for your students and young learners. To be an inspiration and enrich their lives with your knowledge and experience.

If this sounds like something of which you would like to be a part, then join our popular TEFL Brighton training course which boasts 5000 graduates every year, and step into your teaching future.

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