Teaching is a unique passion. It comes with an essence of understanding, empathy, and the realisation that you’re helping people understand and learn things they did not know before. It’s like opening the gates of a new world to your students. In this new world, they are hesitant, a little shy about developing their skills and be face to face with challenges posed by the new world. That is where the teacher comes to guide the student where they need to be and what should they be doing in such circumstances. As mentioned earlier, teaching is a passion and those who are keen to make people familiar with new things, teaching is just the thing for them to fulfil their lives.

The entire process of communication processing between the teacher and the class is a very special and an important one. The urge to be a teacher and help students learn requires the teacher to be familiar with every detail of the course they have to teach to their students. Those looking to polish their teaching skills and want students to learn especially a foreign language have a very bright and astonishing opportunity. TEFL training in Brighton can be easily availed with our tools and professionals. The whole concept of TEFL training is for bright and willing teachers to excel in their teaching skills and be able to teach their students.

Our TEFL Training in Brighton

Our TEFL course not only allows you to have a qualification for yourself where you are guaranteed TEFL jobs, but it is a lot more than that. With the TEFL teacher training that we offer, it is fully ensured that your qualification goes way beyond than just of a mere accomplishment. We understand the importance of a teacher who wishes to encourage their students. The joy of a teacher enlightening students about the English language and be helpful to their future life is beyond any measure. The emotion sets a message to the teacher: their students are the most valuable asset in the classroom, or anywhere in the world because whenever, or wherever, the student represents himself/herself, the student is reflecting the image of the teacher.

Planning a lesson doesn’t only require the amount of time to be offered to the students. It is a promise that a teacher commits with their students to ensure that they are given the right course to help them learn English in the best way possible. Teaching the English language appears to be simple, or the kind of job that looks apparently lenient, but it is not like that.

TEFL teacher training makes sure that all lesson planning, language teaching, and everything associated with teaching the English language is covered. You are guaranteed to become a convincing and accomplished teacher in a matter of time only with the right TEFL courses. We offer to help you become a professional and a friendly teacher through TEFL tools and resources. You will make your students learn English effectively in a very short duration.

Consider TEFL Training in Brighton and why?

As a foreign language, English may seem strike alarming or intimidate at times. Students are likely to mistake. The time they spend on hit and trial has never been considered effective. But the world will certainly not be put on hold. Nobody waits for anyone to speak English before they have something to say. To ensure that the English language is considered a friendly and understandable language, the teacher intending to guide their students must be familiar with everything that the students need to know. We believe it is necessary for the teacher to first know the basics of teaching for the student to be offered the optimum guidance. It can only be done through TEFL.

If one needs to teach students English is just the right motivation along with the skills to convey the message to the students. When it is implied that English is a foreign language, students tend to get confused. A great teacher can easily help their students overcome this idea.

A bright student requires only a bright teacher. We believe that with our training courses for TEFL, you can very well be a prominent English teacher. A profound teacher who may be able to help hundreds of students to learn English.

Our TEFL Course Comprises of

  • 16 hours of classroom based lessons
  • 4 hours of authentic teaching practice, inclusive of feedback and written assessment
  • Assessed assignment based online training, designed for you to work at your own pace with 6 months to complete the course.
  • As much classroom observation and co-teaching as you need before you ” Go Solo!”

What Our TEFL Course offers that others don’t?

  • We at Learn English in a Homestay & English Language Homestays, offer UNLIMITED Classroom teaching and Monitoring until you feel 100 %confident enough to teach on your own.
  • We have proper marked and assessed Assignments which are sent to you and returned with appropriate feedback and suggestions
  • Our courses run with a maximum of 8 students, so you wont be one of many in a large hall going unnoticed.
  • We put you in touch with Schools abroad who we have links with which can help you find a job out of the UK or we offer you the chance to teach with us, subject to availability
  • And if you felt you didn’t understand enough on the course then you can come along again on the next one FOR FREE
  • No time limit, work on your own pace!

Please contact us to discuss course availability and dates. The cost of this 2-day (UNLIMITED – No time limit) course is £239.00 plus unlimited classroom training. Once you’ve called us and agreed availability.

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