English Courses for Japanese Professionals in UK and South Africa


Teaching English to native Japanese speakers is very satisfying to our native English Teachers.  They find the Japanese students who wish to Learn English on a Homestay English programme very focussed on their studies and keen to learn as quickly as possible. Our courses are aimed at improving English for all native Japanese speakers who are able to travel to the United Kingdom or South Africa (Cape Town) for periods of up to 90 days.  This means you don’t have to worry about applying for a Visa. You just arrive and walk straight through!

We love Online English Courses to help you start your journey to Improve English, but we love the fact that our Homestay English Teachers are able to help you progress more quickly and to ensure that they cover the English you need.  We have some brilliant teaching methods aimed specifically at the Asian speaking Market because we understand the many difficulties they go through Learning English.  Online English Courses are available with us via skype or online lessons, but nothing will beat the one to one lesson you have by actually living and immersing yourself with a native English speaker.

Professional English courses for native Japanese speakers

If we were learning Japanese, we would want to learn this language with a native Japanese speaker and so its only right that if Japanese professionals are learning English, then they do so with a native English speaker.  Also, we understand that pronunciation of some of our words is quite difficult and so we use fun and innovative teaching methods such as watching the way you form your words in a mirror (this helps you open your mouth in a completely different way and once you have masteredthis, you will find your English will sounds much clearer)  We also like to fill your mouth with a small handful of marbles.  No, don’t worry, we don’t want to harm you, but to try to get you to experience speaking English like an English person, who happens to form words and open their mouth much wider than Japanese native speakers do.

  • MANY OF OUR YOUNGER JAPANESE STUDENTS like to come on a High School Exchange Programme and again we can offer this in either England or South Africa. In our language homestay you have the options to a choose location. In fact Cape Town is very popular with Japanese students who love the diverse culture and the outdoor way of life.  Whichever country you choose you can be sure that we will place you with a wonderful host family who will look after you and help you immerse yourself in the country you choose to Learn English in.  If this is just a host family then they will orientate you and inform you of the local places to visit ; buses to take and shops to us.  If, however, you use a Homestay English Tutor then you will feel assured to know that our Host teachers are qualified; professional and competent and offer great value for money on all of their Homestay English Courses.  In fact, Living and Learning English with a host family is the quickest way tolearn and improve your English.  Our Japanese students love the idea of hiking to the top of Table Mountain on an early summer’s morning and then taking the iconic cable car back down the mountain to the bottom.   Table Mountain is a National Heritage site.
  • BOTH OUR HOST TUTORS AND OUR HOST FAMILIES are chosen for their interest in helping foreign students improve and learn English as well as their love of their area and country.  You will have meals with them; talk with them; learn English with them and visit places of interest with them. Before you arrive, we would like you to do an Online English Testand then communicate further with us and your host teacher so that we really know the type of English Course you require.  We ask that you fill in an application form and write a short letter of introduction explaining what you want and what you hope to achieve.  We then communicate with your Host Tutor and make sure they know what it is you want and this helps them prepare for your arrival and the best result in your English Learning programme. No one want to teach English by intuition and guess work so it’s really important you give them as much information and thoughts as you can before you arrive.
  • PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH COURSES are very important for Japanese such as the TOEIC Examination which is very popular in Japan.  But don’t forget, you can also apply to take your Celta English; Cambridge First Certificate or FCE as it is more commonly known ; IELTS to name but a few and if you have a specific Exam in mind, then you should tell us so that your teacher can prepare.  In fact, your English Learning Programme will begin the minute you arrive at the Airport, as our Courier will meet and greet you and welcome you formally into your chosen English speaking Country.
  • IF YOU ARE STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL IN JAPAN, then do consider applying for one of our Japanese Student High School Exchange Programmes either in Cape Town, South Africa, or along the south coast in England.  We use schools in Brighton; Eastbourne and Worthing in England and Cape Town and Stellenbosch areas for schools in South Africa.  All of them love having our Japanese High School Exchange students because they find them motivated; respectful; good fun and always ask you to help them learn Japanese. ?

So you can find yourself improving your English and teaching your new friends some easy words in Japanese.  How cool is that……

Don’t forget many of our English schools also offer a true Exchange Programme back to Japan and so you can make friends here in the UK and then find them visiting you in your High School back in Japan. Whatever country you choose, be sure that one of the words you will never have to shout is “ 助けて (tasukete) = HELP “

If you like to learn more about our Japanese Exchange Programme in the UK, please do not hesitate to contact us

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