1. Making friends

The friends you make whilst travelling will be completely different from the ones you have back home. When overseas you tend to meet fellow travellers from all over the world. Regardless of what country or culture they from, it’s amazing how people bond so easily with others in the same situation. Some of the friends you make whilst in another country will be your friends for life.

2. Realising your own Identity

Nobody likes to think of themselves as typical. When you travel abroad for a long time however, surrounded by a different culture, you start to realise how much your home country is embedded in your character. This can be down to your sense of humour, your manners, your taste in music, the food you like, your fashion sense or more. Of course, these things can change over time but your hometown will never disappear from your character so embrace it, be proud of it and wear it on your sleeve.

3. Learning to appreciate home

Even if you’ve travelled to a foreign country and fallen in love with the place, there are always things from back home that you’ll miss. Perhaps it’s mum’s cooking, childhood friends or the street you grew up on. Whatever way you feel about these things now, they’ll always feel even more special when they’re no longer right there in front of you.

4. Trying different food 

This has to be one of the joys of travelling abroad. Not only does every country have its own unique cuisine but also, you’ll often find that specific regions or even remote towns and villages have their own distinct dish to offer. Try whatever the locals eat and you’ll get a little closer to their culture. Think of it like this, the world is your kitchen.

5. Learning another language

This has to be one of the most rewarding and life-changing things you could ever do. When you learn a new language, you gain access to new music, new films, new ways of thinking, new opportunities and most importantly, new people. You won’t become fluent overnight but even just a few basic words and phrases can go a long way in opening the doors of communication.

6. Becoming a stronger person

Staying home means staying in your comfort zone. You know the streets, the language, your friends, your neighbours and how to get from A to B. Travelling abroad means stepping out into the unknown. Whilst that is exciting, it’s not always easy. There might be times when you’re lost, times when you don’t understand what’s being said to you and times when you miss home. Nonetheless, these are the experiences that make you stronger. Learning how to deal with the unfamiliar is a quality that will help you throughout life.

7. Becoming a wiser person

Spending time in places you’ve never been to, visiting their monuments and famous landmarks, walking the residential streets, taking in the distinct styles of architecture, trying local cuisine and taking note of the little differences in people’s everyday lives, these are the things that make you more worldly and a lot wiser. When someone wants to know about that place you visited, you’ll be the person of expertise they turn to ask.

8. Making awesome memories

Travelling gives you some of the most amazing memories of your life. There’ll be times when you reminisce and think to yourself ‘did that really happen?’. Looking back on your travels often makes you feel like you visited another world. The memories you make in places that are so different to your norm will be even more imprinted on your heart and soul. 

9. Having cool stories to tell

The experiences you have when you travel make great stories to tell. For that reason, a well-travelled person is always more likely to be the interesting guest at the party. The people you meet and the places you see will make you think ‘I can’t wait to tell my friends back home about this!’ Maybe one day, you’ll even be sharing those stories with the grandkids.

10. Realising the world is your oyster

The more you travel abroad, the more you begin to realise, the real world is bigger than your hometown and bigger than your country. You begin to see your hometown as just another place on the map. So in the future, when it comes to booking a holiday or even looking for a job, a well-travelled person is more likely to think outside the box and consider going to more hidden corners of the globe. You never know what treasures you might find there. 

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