As the world becomes smaller and digital interaction increases, we’re all starting to feel the need to communicate in one universal language. English has become that language. Since English is a language spoken all across the world it’s a language many choose to communicate in. Making those who speak it able to communicate with anyone from anywhere. Besides day to day interaction, or informal engagements English is a language with prospects. It’s a business language and an educational language. Those who can speak it have undoubtedly more opportunities at their disposal than those who can’t.

This alone is reason enough to want to learn the language or increase your proficiency. 

So, why not learn in it in England’s capital city with a native speaker as your private tutor?

Make London your home away from home on an English language homestay.

Homestay With A Private Tutor

English Language homestays are becoming increasingly popular amongst foreign students who want to learn English. You get to live with a British family while you attend classes. But a homestay with a private tutor is even better as you’ll be staying with a teacher who’ll conduct the English lessons at home.

Comfortable Surroundings:

Travelling alone can sometimes feel like you’re living in isolation- how do you strike up conversation? How do you make any friends or acquaintances? How do you navigate through a city you haven’t been in before? Well, all of these troubles will be greatly diminished on a homestay since you’ll be staying with a host (Professional English Tutor). It’s literally like staying with a relative or friend and can be a lot more comfortable. You get to stay in an actual home instead of a hostel, boarding house or hotel. You’ll enjoy mealtime with your host, as well as go on excursions with them, while staying in your own “room”.

Special One-on-one attention:

The biggest benefit by far has to be that you get your own tutor to teach you at your own pace. Not everyone learns well in a group and sometimes students can be held back or overlooked in a larger group. Your private tutor only has to focus his/her attention on you. Your lessons are structured according to your personalised learning objectives. Your progress is monitored by your private tutor and you’ll learn at a pace that is suitable to your level.

Studious Environment:

You’ve made this trip to study and learn so it’s only natural that you’d want to learn in the best environment. Staying with a tutor allows you to do exactly that. You get to study with them during lessons and are able to solicit their help whenever you need to. You can also escape for some quiet time, and study in your room.

Experienced Tutor:

Besides being a native English speaker each tutor has experience in teaching English, with years of teaching experience teaching foreign students or as a English as a second language. They’ve been trained to teach students like you to improve their command of the English language. Improving their confidence to speak in English, as well as their ability to understand and communicate in English. They’ll help you improve your English in no time at all.

Beautiful Travel Destination:

London has to be one of England’s best travel destinations. While you’re learning English here you’ll be able to take in the sights, and explore and discover the city with a local by your side. Learning in a beautiful destination can also be quite motivating. Your English language teacher based in London probably knows all the best places since they may even be a tutor born in London. Making it easy to navigate the local and tourist spots. So, allow them to lead the way on your weekly excursions.

Learning Programmes

There are many learning opportunities and programmes to choose from based on your needs and desired outcome. Learning English on a one-on-one basis in any of these courses which include English grammar tuition, Business English, and private tuition classes. You can enjoy any one of these courses while you stay with your TEFL qualified teacher based in London.

Business English:

Being a professional requires some level of English proficiency. Not only should you be able to communicate with other professionals in a casual setting, but in a business setting as well. The words used in Business differ from those used in a personal or day to day environment. That’s why many professionals choose to dedicate their time to studying business English, it also looks great on a job application and can open up many different prospects. In this course you’ll be able to improve your command of Business English with your homestay teacher. You’ll be better prepared for presentations, negotiations and interviews.

Exam Prep:

Preparing for an exam can be stressful in any language. More so when it’s not in a language you communicate in frequently. Our examination preparation course, is created to help you feel at ease when you do finally take your exam. Your tutor will guide you through the process and ensure that you’re as comfortable as you can be with the material. They’ll also give you some prep work to complete.

Intensive English:

Sometimes you’re pressed for time but still need to learn or improve your English language skills. Whether you’re preparing for an interview, study opportunity, or any number of reasons that leave you with little time to learn – the intensive English course should help you. The entire point of this course is to help you meet your objectives in a shorter space of time. You’ll also get the best in private English tuition with your tutor there, helping you every step of the way.

General English:

This course caters for any number of objectives, as you’ll get to choose your length of stay which can range anywhere from one week to 3 months. Alongside your tutor you’ll learn how to effectively and confidently communicate in English. You’ll improve your speaking skills as well as your ability to read and write in English. This course also gives you the option to learn in a group.

Other courses on offer include Aviation English, English for the Cabin Crew, English for Au Pairs as well as TEFL course and a range of other courses to suit your learning style and objectives. You can even come with your family on our English for families Course.

London Activities

Learning English In London With A Private Tutor

While you’re staying with your host tutor you’ll be able to go on excursions during the week. London has a great deal of activities to enjoy on your stay, some of them we’ve listed below.

The London Eye:

A large ferris wheel on the River Thames, has become a monument so to speak. This imposing structure gives you views of the city that will leave you speechless. It was built in 1999 and is the tallest ferris wheel in Europe. Every year the London Eye is visited by more than 3 million people.

Buckingham Palace:

If you’re in London you must visit Buckingham Palace, it is the administrative hub of the monarch. Each year many prominent events are held at this palace and once a week the Queen has a meeting with the Prime Minister at the palace. 

National Gallery:

The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square is an art museum. It was built in 1824 and became the home of the royalties vast European art collection. Currently there are more than 2000 paintings being displayed in the gallery, and is said to be one of the most representative samplings of European art.

British Museum:

Built in 1753 the British Museum is the place to go to if you’re looking to explore fine art, history and culture. It’s a mammoth building with impeccable architecture. Taking a tour of the building can be quite daunting as there are many different sections and areas to explore. There are over 90 rooms in this building each with it’s own collection, and this museum requires it’s own map to explore. Thankfully entry is free; so you can visit it frequently on your stay-just in case you missed anything.

Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens:

A lovely way to escape the hustle and bustle of London. These parks have lots to do and explore besides walking through the gardens. You can eat at one of the beautiful restaurants or tea rooms, or you can stroll through the gardens and visit Kensington Palace, Princess Diana memorial Fountain or Gardens, the rose garden in Hyde Park or any of the other areas in these gardens. A great break after studying so hard.

Whether you’re young or old, from Europe, Africa, Asia or South America- there’s an English language programme for you. 

London is one of the best places to learn English through private tuition classes since London is full of activities, and is a great place to learn something new. Start setting up your travel plans with our co-ordinator so you can learn English in London with a private tutor. Your fully qualified, language homestay tutor awaits!

We at English language Homestays offers 1:1 Homestay Tuition where you will be Living and learning English with your host tutor in their home.

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