An Au Pair programme is a fantastic fun experience and a way to improve your English. But What is an Au pair? It is a person or student from another country that has either the experience or interest to work with children in either South Africa or the United Kingdom. You have the option of being An Pair or a Demi Pair. An Au Pair will be aiding a host family in the UK or Africa in the families day to day activities, and in return, they will receive pocket money and free accommodation. This position is available for a whole year.

You will have the option of travelling to the country of your choice and live with a host family. You will have the chance to experience a new culture and before you notice you will improve your level of English. An Au Pair will have the opportunity to attend a local language school in exchange for childcare and domestic assistance. And as I mentioned before an Aupair is given pocket money and it is not classified as an employee, and it is also not entitled to the standard employee benefits.

What is the difference between an Au Pair and a nanny?

An Au Pair is a person that is between the ages of eighteen and thirty years old, who decides to go abroad to live with a host family to learn or perfect a given language in exchange for childcare. But a nanny will not be part of any cultural exchanges and will receive a salary like in any given job.

How does the Au Pair Programme work?

An Au pair programme gives you an opportunity to choose whether you wish to assist a host family in the UK or in South Africa in their daily activities. Your host family will provide pocket money and a welcoming as well as free accommodations. You will be able to stay with them for up to a year.

You will have the possibility of experiencing a new culture and improve your English.  You will also attend a local language school. It is the perfect programme for your people who love to interact with children.

We currently have families searching for an Au Pair that would like to go the south coast of England and Cornwall. If you choose to go to South Africa, then you will be placed around the Cape Town and Stellenbosch areas. You can rest assured that our priority is to ensure your safety that is why in both countries you will have local coordinators meet you and help you with any concerns that you may have.

What are some general duties of an Au Pair?

The general duties that you will assist your host family in taking care of the children and helping them in their daily activities.  You will also be giving them domestic assistance.

I highly recommend for you to discuss ahead of time with your chosen family a working arrangement that works for you and them. You will agree on the hours that you should work and how do they like for things to be done. We must mention that extra working hours are not by any means mandatory.

What is a Demi Pair?

A Demi Pair is also a person or student who aids the family with childcare and household duties while having full board accommodation. The individual is required to help for up to twenty hours a week which is approximately four hours a day. The demi pair does not receive payment in cash for the help that is being provided to the family and instead of money he or she receives free accommodation and the chance to improve his or her language skills and have the enjoyable experience of what it means to live in the UK or South Africa. Another way that you will develop your language skills by the daily interaction that you will have with your host family and future friends. This position is available for three months maximum.

It is quite useful for Au Pairs and Demi pairs to have a level of English that equivalent to at least Lower Intermediate. The minimum age requirement is eighteen years old. This position is open for both female and male candidates.

What are the requirements needed for you to be able to be part of this programme?

  • A full and comprehensive up to date CV
  • Two references from professional people who can vouch for your integrity
  • A recent reference, if possible, from someone you have taken care of children for
  • Up to date and valid Travel and Medical Insurance

What are the benefits of being part of an Au Pair or Demi Pair programme?

  • You will able to improve your language skills in a short period among of time by having an intensive interaction with your host families and others.
  • You will travel to another country and get to know a different culture other than your own.
  • You will build friendships that will last a lifetime.
  • You will have the fantastic experience of what it means to work in a foreign country.

I certainly hope that this small guide aid you knowing what it means to be an Au Pair. If you have any questions please contact, we can´t wait to hear from you!

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