Tarnya’s TEFL story

I had been working in Administrative roles all my life whilst bringing up a family when I realised that I was a bit disillusioned and felt I wanted to explore new avenues in life .

Two of my three children had grown up and left home when I met Jackie and the ELH Team and initially, I started with taking in students on an Accommodation only basis .

I adore young people and moving forward to taking a TEFL course with such a great company as ELH seemed like a natural progression for me.

The information about the course was straight forward and informative. I was very excited about the first part which consisted of an intensive weekend set up in a local classroom with top grade TEFL tutors and other like minded people of all ages and backgrounds. There were only a few of us which made it much more personable and we were made to feel individually important. I can honestly say I had a really good time too!

As well as being extremely informative, it was also good fun .We were taken back to basics and taught all the ins and outs. No details were missed . I even made friends that I still keep in touch with today. The whole teaching world of TEFL is a large and multi faceted network of people and is really friendly.

I was now ready for phase 2!

The next part of the course is yours to do wherever you feel comfortable and I chose to do the rest of the online course from the comfort of my home. The beauty is you can pretty much take it at your own pace. There are a series of modules to work through and you are fully supported by an online tutor throughout. If I felt I needed guidance or extra help I could simply message and they would get straight back to me with a response. I never felt left alone.

Within a short time, I had passed with flying colours and the sense of achievement for me was immense. I was now ready to start my new journey .

ELH are an extremely supportive company and very ‘hands on’ and their guidance to the next stage was immediate. I was given the opportunity to sit in on lessons with experienced tutors to watch and learn and gain confidence in their many classrooms.

Obviously I was nervous but I soon cane to realise that not only are these lessons full of great teaching skills in English but can also be done at times from a fun perspective. All the students in the classroom are fully engaged and I started to see the huge sense of pride you can feel from being part of this teaching world.

I couldn’t wait to get started and again, ELH put me on the right path with huge support with regards to teaching materials which are an essential. I only had to ask and I was given a wealth of lesson plans which could be utilised from the Office and many other useful online services and platforms.

I remember my first teaching day like it was yesterday. I went into the classroom fully armed with my chosen materials. I had decided to do a lesson about different foods and menus around the world .

Again I was obviously nervous but I decided I was going to project my voice and hide my nerves and enjoy myself. Before I knew it, I was having fun and a sea of inquisitive faces in front of me told me that I had a class that were fully engaged. I was a teacher and I have never looked back.

I have now been with ELH for 6/7 years and have progressed forward to become a Homestay Tutor as well as a Classroom Tutor . Both roles are extremely rewarding in their own right. I also get to travel around on a social level with the students during their stay with trips here and there.

Sometimes, when I’m standing in the sun with some  students looking at a spectacular view , or basking by the sea with a picnic, I have to pinch myself that this is actually my job.

I would never change it for the world!

Thank you English Language Homestays for all your ongoing support.